The Ultimate Guide to Executive Privacy and Executive Security Online

February 13, 2023
Personal information protection is essential for executive privacy and executive security.   This is because when their personal information is put online by data brokers, executives …

3 Personal Information Insights to Help Companies Protect Themselves Against Hackers

February 3, 2023
How does personal information removal from online sources help companies protect themselves against hackers? To answer this question, DeleteMe’s CEO Rob Shavell sat down with the ethical hacker…

Password Managers Compromised, AI and Social Engineering & More: January 2023 Newsletter

January 23, 2023
In the January 2023 edition of our business privacy newsletter, you’ll find: Our Take on the Password Management Services Compromises; AI and Social Engineering, a Cautionary Tale; State…

DeleteMe in the News in 2023

January 23, 2023
Our running log of where DeleteMe has been featured in the news in 2023. Interviews and quotes where we discuss privacy, cybersecurity, our solution, and everything in between. Most recently Delet…

Discover Online Privacy Protection Service: An Entry-Level Data Broker Removal Tool

January 13, 2023
In late 2022, financial services company Discover introduced “Online Privacy Protection,” a new tool that removes Discover customers’ personal data from 10 select people search websites.  Peopl…

Infographic: Weaponized Personal Data

January 6, 2023
Global conflicts, financial crises, critical infrastructure attacks, politics and elections, major legal rulings, job market fluctuations, and health crises can all have a major impact on an organ…

Twitter Train Wreck, the Feds and the Data Broker Industry & More: December 2022 Newsletter

December 27, 2022
In the December 2022 edition of our business privacy newsletter, you’ll find our take on: The Slow-Motion Twitter Train Wreck; FTC Fines Over Kids’ Privacy; Re-Examining Federal Relation…

DeleteMe in the News: The Latest from 2022

December 27, 2022
Our running log of DeleteMe in the news. Interviews and quotes where we discuss privacy, cybersecurity, our solution, and everything in between. Most recently: Employee Privacy And Cyberse…

Webinar: Personal Data’s Role in Enterprise Social Engineering Attacks

December 27, 2022
We are looking forward to hosting our first webinar of 2023 on January 25th at 1 PM EST with Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security, and our very own Rob Shavell, CEO of DeleteMe. Rachel is …

Our Top Predictions for Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Tech in 2023

December 20, 2022
Each year we look at the trends in business privacy regulation, cybersecurity, technology, and personal data-driven business risks (which range from social engineering to doxxing). Then we take ou…

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