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November 29, 2022
We’re on a mission to help our customers get control of personal data and we are growing If you’re interested in privacy and want to be a part of DeleteMe, drop us a line.

Republicans & the FTC’s Data Privacy Rules, Social Engineering & Gov Workers: November 2022 Newsletter

November 29, 2022
In the November 2022 edition of our business privacy newsletter, you’ll find our take on: Republican Senators Asking the FTC to Back off New Data Privacy and Surveillance Rules; The Increas…

Heading to the CIO CISO Perspectives Event in the Bay Area on December 13?

November 29, 2022
We are excited to meet the CIOs, CISOs, and other senior technology executives gathering to talk about the biggest IT and security issues they’ll face in 2023 at the CIO CISO Perspectives – Bay Ar…

The Link Between Weak Passwords, Data Breaches, and Data Brokers

November 3, 2022
Cybercriminals use automated tools to find and exploit weak and reused employee credentials and break into corporate accounts and networks. In 2019, almost a third of ransomware infections were…

How to be Invisible Online (9 Secrets Steps Most Ignore)

October 31, 2022
This post was originally published by Josh Summers on All Things Secured on October 26, 2022. Is it possible to be completely invisible online? The short answer to that is no, you can’t…

Executive Orders, Russian Ransomware Gangs & Social Account Takeovers: October 2022 Newsletter

October 26, 2022
In the October 2022 edition of our business privacy newsletter, you’ll find our take on: The New Executive Order Allowing Europeans to Complain to the U.S. About Data Collection; Russian Rans…

OSINT: How Cybercriminals Use Open Source Intelligence for Social Engineering

October 21, 2022
Reconnaissance is where most cyber attacks start. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a powerful, free, and common way for cybercriminals to conduct reconnaissance. In a 2021 interview with the…

How to Hide Your Home Address (to keep someone from finding you)

October 10, 2022
This post was originally published by Josh Summers on All Things Secured on October 3, 2022. If you value your personal privacy, protecting and hiding your home address should be a top …

10 Great Tips to Reboot Your Privacy Online

October 3, 2022
For Cyber Security Awareness Month we’re offering some great tips on how to reboot your privacy online. Online Purchases Stop using your real email and phone online; most browsers now hav…

10 Ways to Reboot Your Privacy at Work

October 3, 2022
When personal data is out there on the open web it can lead to privacy and security incidents at work that open you—and your company—up to risk. For cybersecurity awareness month, we’re offering t…

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