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Laura Martisiute

Laura Martisiute is DeleteMe’s content marketing specialist. Her job is to help DeleteMe communicate vital privacy information to the people that need it. Since joining DeleteMe in 2020, Laura has done exactly that. Creating some of the internet’s most popular privacy content on DeleteMe’s blog, writing the leading privacy newsletter Incognito, and helping DeleteMe plan and craft its messaging across different channels, Laura drives DeleteMe’s content. Laura has a degree from University College Cork. You can contact Laura with questions and ideas at

Use These Doxxing Tools to Self-Dox

November 15, 2023
Search EnginesPeople Search SitesUsername Search EnginesEmail PermutatorsEmail Validators Hacked Database Search EnginesSocial NetworksForumsPublic RecordsArchivesWhois RecordsReverse Image Search…

A Guide to Doxxing Yourself On the Internet 

November 15, 2023
How to Dox Yourself1. Google yourself2. Find yourself on social media3. Look for yourself on people search sites4. Check what your website says about you5. Do a reverse photo search6. See if you a…

Is Doxxing Illegal? 

November 1, 2023
Is Doxxing Illegal? Why Is Doxxing Not a Crime?What are data brokers?Can You Go to Jail for Doxxing Someone? Can the Police Do Anything About Doxxing?Can You Sue Someone for Doxxing?What Are the L…

Incognito — November 2023: How to Avoid Doxxing

October 31, 2023
People Hate You for Your Political Views (Whatever They Are)What happens when you come under attackIt Doesn’t Matter What You BelieveBecome Undoxxable During This Election SeasonRecommended ReadsY…

How Does Doxxing Work?

October 26, 2023
How Does Doxxing Work?Username tracking Data brokersPublic recordsSocial media stalking Whois searchPhishingIP doxxing Reduce Your Risk of Doxxing “How does doxxing work?” This was the question…

Looking for a Data Broker Removal Service? Top Review Sites to Help You Choose 

October 26, 2023
What Makes a Good Data Broker Removal Service Comparison Site?ObjectiveRegularly updatedClear methodologyExpertiseTop Data Broker Removal Service Review SitesPCMagComparitechSitejabberCybernewsPro…

How to Prevent Doxxing

October 26, 2023
What Is Doxxing? How to Prevent Doxxing Remove yourself from data brokersRemove personal info from other sitesPersonal blogsExternal sitesAsk Google to remove personal information Set up Google al…

Kids Live Safe Opt Out Guide

October 24, 2023
DeleteMe’s Kids Live Safe Opt-Out ReviewHow to Remove Yourself from Kids Live Safe1. Click ‘Remove Me From Website’ on Kids Live Safe 2. Click ‘Get Started’3. Search for your data4. Choose the lis…

What Is Doxxing & How to Protect Against It (2023 Guide)

October 13, 2023
What Is Doxxing? When and where did doxxing emerge?How does doxxing relate to swatting? How Does Doxxing Work?Doxxing Examples Is Doxxing Illegal?Dangers of Doxxing How to Prevent Doxxing What to …

Incognito — October 2023: X (Formerly Twitter) Has a New Privacy Policy

October 6, 2023
X’s New Privacy Policy (Even) Less Anonymity On the NetOther Social Media Platforms Are No BetterSmall Steps You Can Take to Take Back Your PrivacyOn Our Privacy RadarRecommended ReadsYou Asked, W…

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