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Laura Martisiute

Laura Martisiute is DeleteMe’s content marketing specialist. Her job is to help DeleteMe communicate vital privacy information to the people that need it. Since joining DeleteMe in 2020, Laura has done exactly that. Creating some of the internet’s most popular privacy content on DeleteMe’s blog, writing the leading privacy newsletter Incognito, and helping DeleteMe plan and craft its messaging across different channels, Laura drives DeleteMe’s content. Laura has a degree from University College Cork. You can contact Laura with questions and ideas at

How to Request to Delete Personal Data

October 3, 2023
Who Can Request to Delete Personal Data?How Can I Request to Delete Personal Data?1. Go to a company’s website2. Look for the company’s privacy policy or its equivalent3. Look for information on p…

How to Delete Your Personal Data: 4 US State Laws to Know 

October 3, 2023
Personal Data DeletionCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act & California Privacy Rights Act Right to DeleteHow to request businesses to delete your personal data Virginia Consumer Data Protection Ac…

How to Stop Companies from Selling Your Data

October 3, 2023
How to Stop Companies from Selling Your DataOpt out of data brokersRead the privacy policyTake advantage of privacy lawsOther Steps You Can Take to Stop Companies from Selling Your Data If you …

What Does Google Know About Me?

October 3, 2023
What Does Google Know About Me (And You)?Who you are (or who it thinks you are)How to check your Google account info How to turn off Google account info Where you’ve beenHow to check your location…

How to Stop Google From Selling My Data?

October 2, 2023
Does Google Sell Your Data?What Does Google Do With Your Data?What Kind of Data Does Google Collect About You?How I Stopped Google from Selling My DataThese Companies Actually Sell Your Data I …

How to Remove My Life From Google?

October 2, 2023
How to Remove My Life From GoogleData Google has about youPersonal information on Google Search Information other sites have about you PersonalBlog or website Social media profilesOther personal w…

How To Remove Your Email From Websites

October 2, 2023
How to Remove Your Email from Personal Sites1. Make a list of sites2. Log into the site3. Find where your email shows up4. Remove your emailHow to Remove Your Email from External Sites1. Search fo…

How to Remove LinkedIn from Google Search

October 2, 2023
How to Remove LinkedIn from Google SearchDesktop1. Log into your LinkedIn account2. Access your profile3. Access your privacy settings4. Edit your privacy settingsPhone (LinkedIn App)1. Log in to …

Websites That List Your Personal Information

October 2, 2023
Why Are These Websites Dangerous for Your Online Privacy?10 Websites That List Your Personal InformationWhitepagesSpokeoBeenVerifiedInteliusPeopleFindersTruthFinderRadarisUS Phone BookFastPeopleSe…

Internet Content Removal: 7 Steps to Removing Unwanted Content from the Internet  

October 2, 2023
Internet Content Removal: 7-Step Guide1. Reach out to the writer or owner of the site2. Remove Google Search results3. Ask the website not to index the URL4. Ask the website if they can update or …

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