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Laura Martisiute

Laura Martisiute is DeleteMe’s content marketing specialist. Her job is to help DeleteMe communicate vital privacy information to the people that need it. Since joining DeleteMe in 2020, Laura has done exactly that. Creating some of the internet’s most popular privacy content on DeleteMe’s blog, writing the leading privacy newsletter Incognito, and helping DeleteMe plan and craft its messaging across different channels, Laura drives DeleteMe’s content. Laura has a degree from University College Cork. You can contact Laura with questions and ideas at

Incognito — May 2023: It’s Time to Rethink Your Passwords

April 24, 2023
It’s 2023. People’s Passwords Still Suck5 Signs You Need to Change Your Passwords ASAPOh No, AI Has Entered the ChatPassword Best Practices: A Quick SummaryRecommended ReadsYou Asked, We AnsweredB…

Incognito — April 2023: Tax Return Fraud is More Common Than You Think

March 27, 2023
Tax Identity Theft—More Common Than Most RealizeHow Tax Identity Theft HappensHow Tax Identity Thieves Get Our Personal Info6 Tips to Fight Tax Identity TheftRecommended ReadsYou Asked, We Answere…

Incognito — March 2023: How Data Brokers are Making our Identities More Detailed

February 24, 2023
Our Identities Are Being Packaged and SoldMultiple Sources of Data Lead to More RiskWho’s Looking You Up And Why You Should Care4 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Identity Recommended ReadsYou A…

Data Brokers: Your Comprehensive Guide

February 3, 2023
Table of ContentsWhat are Data Brokers?People search sitesMarketing data brokersRisk mitigation data brokersThe Problem with Data BrokersThe Impact of the Data Brokerage Industry On Business Cyber…

Incognito — February 2023: Your Relationship Data is Putting You at Risk

January 25, 2023
How Your Spouse Is Giving You AwayYour Divorce Is Not A Secret (to Real Estate Agents). Neither Is a Death In the FamilyObsession, Revenge, and Personal Data Why It’s Often Best If They Don’t Forg…

Incognito — January 2023: Level Up Your Privacy in 2023

December 27, 2022
2022: (Yet Another) Bad Year for Privacy 7 Data Privacy Stories to Watch in 20233 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Online Privacy In 20233 Other Things Everyone Should Do Immediately Recommended ReadsYo…

Incognito — December 2022: Loyalty Programs Exploit Your Data

November 29, 2022
There’s No Such Thing As a Free Cup of CoffeeHow Much Is Your Loyalty Worth?Consumers Are Unaware of the ProblemA Target for HackersSo, What Can You Do?Recommended ReadsYou Asked, We AnsweredBack …

Incognito — November 2022: Political Micro-Targeting Continues to Spur Privacy Debate

October 25, 2022
What Is Political Micro-Targeting?Voter Data Is Easy to FindHow Much Are You Worth to Political Parties?It’s a Massive ProblemWhy Nothing Is Being Done Steps You Can Take to Reduce How Many Politi…

Incognito — October 2022: Online Harassment Continues to be a Problem

September 29, 2022
Online Harassment—A Problem That Just Won’t Go AwayWho Is Being Harassed? Where Is Online Harassment Happening?Real-Life Consequences of Online HarassmentHow to Protect Yourself Against Online Har…

Incognito — September 2022: Is your job putting you at risk for harassment?

September 2, 2022
Why Public-Facing Employees Are at Increased Risk of HarassmentHow Bad Is This Problem?The Role of Publicly Available PII Identity Theft and Cybercrime Also a RiskHow Public-Facing Workers Can Inc…

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