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The Sneaky Ways Data Brokers Gather Information About You

The data broker industry is somewhat of an anomaly in that they want you to know as little about the industry as possible. Despite being the arbiters of a personal information marketplace worth billions, they want as little publicity as possible, and they make it extremely difficult to remove personal information from Google. There’s a […]

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Tax Day 2019: Don’t Give Away Your Personal Info

If you’re using a third-party service to help you file your taxes, you could be allowing them to sell your personal information. Use DeleteMe to ensure that your personal information won’t be exploited by data broker websites. When Filing Taxes, You Might be Giving Away Your Personal Information It’s that time of year again: as […]

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Featured Data Broker — TruthFinder: Opt-Out and Learn More

TruthFinder is a data broker that collects, posts, and sells personal information online. Use this free guide to learn more about TruthFinder, opt-outs, and information removal from DeleteMe. DeleteMe TruthFinder Review Removing yourself from TruthFinder requires you to fill out an opt-out form.  After that, your listing should be removed within 48 hours. Like other […]

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Featured Data Broker — ZabaSearch: Opt-Out and Learn More

ZabaSearch is a data broker site owned by Intelius that posts your personal information online.  Use this guide to complete a ZabaSearch opt-out and remove your information, or use DeleteMe to opt-out of all major data brokers. DeleteMe ZabaSearch Review Because ZabaSearch is owned by Intelius, you can opt-out of ZabaSearch through the Intelius opt-out procedure. Removing […]

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