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You Got a DNA Test Kit: Now What? Staying Private with Ancestry DNA, 23andMe

Concerned about your privacy while using a DNA test from Ancestry DNA, 23andMe, or other DNA testing company? You should be. Use this guide to stay private while using at-home DNA test kits. DNA Testing Can Seriously Compromise Your Privacy This holiday season, at-home DNA test kits were once again one of the most popular […]

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Ancestry DNA: Protect Your Privacy and Delete Your Account

Using Ancestry‚Äôs genealogy services and DNA testing could put your privacy at risk. Because of their wealth of genealogy and personal information, they are worse for your privacy than competitors like 23andMe, Helix, and MyHeritage. For the past few years, DNA testing kits have been one of the most popular holiday gifts–over Black Friday and […]

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