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What are Data Brokers Doing with Your Information?

Data brokers are bound by few regulations and it can be nearly impossible to complete a removal from whitepages, or any other data broker.

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What Exactly Do Data Brokers Know About You?

Data brokers collect and store personal information on nearly every U.S. consumer. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that a single data broker company has information on 1.4 billion consumer transactions, totaling over 700 billion data points and 3,000 data segments for nearly every American consumer. What information are data brokers collecting? You’ve likely heard […]

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Online Privacy Concerns You Might Not Have Considered

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways in which internet use can leave anyone vulnerable to hacks and information exposure. Do you have a social media account that you use or, perhaps more importantly, that you don’t? Do you know how to remove personal information from Google? What about removal from Whitepages? How familiar are […]

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The Billion Dollar Industry You Know Next to Nothing About

There is an entire industry out there committed to gathering and selling your personal information. They operate with almost no regulation, and many individuals aren’t even aware of their existence or how their information is being used.

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