Why Renew DeleteMe?

Why renew DeleteMe? It’s a question we get all the time.

Your information is always being re-posted online. DeleteMe will keep you safe in the long-term.

In 2012, we published an article about why DeleteMe is a recurring subscription, why we recommend renewing DeleteMe, and that it’s not as easy as a one-time fix. Now it’s 2018, and there are more data brokers and people search sites, so your personal information is being made public in more places than ever before.

So: why do you need to renew DeleteMe? Why is DeleteMe a recurring subscription service? The answer is simple: major data brokers are constantly crawling the web, finding your information, and re-posting it online.

why renew deleteme

A Comparison of Information that Reappears on Data Broker Websites


When I Opt Out, Will Data About Me Ever Reappear on BeenVerified?

Once your opt-out has been processed, we will instruct our data partners not to return the record you opted out in future People Search results. At this time, we only provide an opt-out for our People Search service. Therefore, it is possible that your name might appear in search results for the other search services available through BeenVerified even after you opt out of People Search.

Further, as described above, there may be times when one of our data partners provides us with a new record about you that is different enough from your existing, opted out record that we cannot match this new record to the existing record, and therefore cannot conclusively opt out the new record. Accordingly, if you have previously opted out and see a new record about you appear in our People Search results, please contact us at privacy@beenverified.com and we will be happy to help you remove that record as well.

BeenVerified Removal Timeline: 24 Hours

How Long Does it Take for My Record to Be Removed?

Once you receive our email confirming that we have processed your opt-out request, your request will be reflected in our People Search results the next time our server refreshes. In most cases this will take 24 hours to take effect and then we encourage you to check for yourself.


Spokeo is less open than BeenVerified about how listings might get reposted on their site, but they make it clear that this is likely happening within their system:

When you choose to opt out of Spokeo, we place a permanent flag on your listing so that it does not ever reappear on Spokeo.com. We are constantly receiving new and updated listings, and we try very hard to match these new listings to the existing ones and preserve your privacy preference. However, a computer cannot know the difference between “John Smith at 1234 Nowhere Street” and “John Smith at 5678 Somewhere Avenue”, though you may know that you moved. So if a new listing contains your new address, or if there are significant typos which prevent our computers from matching an existing listing, you will see a new listing for your name. We are constantly improving our matching algorithms in order to maintain your privacy. Spokeo guarantees that our opt out policy is among the best on the Internet.

Spokeo Removal Timeline: 1 business day


Similar to BeenVerified, Intelius is somewhat open about how information can reappear on their site, again making it seem like this is happening on a large scale:

Is removal permanent?

Once we have processed your request, your listing will be removed from our site. However, please keep in mind that we receive regular public records updates from our data partners and that it is possible our data partners may provide us with a new record about you that is different enough from your existing record (such as a variation of your name, combinations of records, and/or different addresses) that it may again appear on our site. If this happens, you can simply follow the same process to request removal of the new listing.

What if i have more than one listing?

We work hard to make sure there’s only one listing for each individual. If you see more than one likely result, consider whether it could be for someone else with the same name.

Start by selecting the result that contains the most relevant information. Once it’s been removed, check back with us. If you still see a record containing details that are specific to you, you can submit and additional request.

Intelius Removal Timeline: 72 hours

Data Brokers Haven’t Always Complied with Opt-Outs

In 2012, we reported BeenVerified to the FTC after the did not comply with their own opt-out processes. Essentially, they did not actually remove the personal information listings like they had claimed to do.

Because information is constantly being reposted on these data broker sites, it’s extremely tough for people to stay on top of their data across each site. Meanwhile, data brokers are able to continue compiling and publicizing personal information listings without any kind of consequence.

DeleteMe Continually Monitors Your Personal Information

DeleteMe is a hands-free subscription service that will monitor your personal information listings on a quarterly basis. Every three months, we search for your information across the major data brokers, removing everything we find, and making sure it doesn’t come back.

Here’s how it works:

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