DeleteMe for Congress

DeleteMe is offering members of Congress data broker information removal services for $1: remove your personal info including home address from Google searches.

In 2021, all 535 members of the United States Congress and their families can get DeleteMe for the entire year for $1.

The past year has seen a global pandemic, two House impeachments of a standing U.S. president, and political unrest at levels that haven’t been seen in the United States in decades.

As a legislator in today’s highly-polarized climate, you are regularly dealing with risks of all kinds like physical violence, doxxing, phishing, harassment, stalking, and reputational damage — among others — in an endless list of threats. DeleteMe can help.

With DeleteMe, you’ll get:

Your personal information removed from 50+ data broker sites

Avg. of 15 Public Google-able Listings removed within days

Regular checkups to make sure your data doesn’t reappear

White glove email, chat and phone support

A+ BBB Rating Trusted Service

100% satisfaction guarantee

We will be verifying each sign up to ensure that you personally are a member (or family member) of congress. If you have concerns about The Antideficiency Act or other government conflicts or exemption handling, please email us at