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Can DeleteMe remove arrest records or court records?

Unfortunately, DeleteMe is not able to remove arrest or court records from the web. DeleteMe removes basic personal contact information from people search sites only.

We do provide a guide for removing unwanted item(s) or pushing them down in search results. Generally, you cannot remove online content unless it violates a website’s Terms of Use and/or is unlawful in some way: for example, it infringes on your copyright, it exposes your “confidential” information (social security number, credit card number, etc.), or it is spam.

In our legal system, almost all lawsuits and hearings are part of the public record. Unless you have a unique situation where your record was expunged or the case record was sealed, the fact that you were involved in a lawsuit is public knowledge.


Generally, you cannot get defamatory items removed without legal documentation supporting your claims. Under the current state of Internet law, hosting companies and websites are under no legal obligation to remove allegedly defamatory content without a court’s determination that the content is actually untrue and harmful to you. It’s a frustrating and unfair restriction, but without it, it’d be impossible for websites and hosting companies to handle thousands of defamation claims.

If the claims (1) are presented as facts and not opinions, (2) are actually false (and you can prove it), and (3) have caused actual, provable damage to your reputation, you may want to speak with a First Amendment attorney.

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