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Can you delete Google search results for me?

When deleting information from the internet, you must first understand one key rule: Google is not the source of the information that appears in Google search results. Google is simply allowing the information to be found more easily by others. 

That said, deletion of information must be done from the original source before Google will notice. Google does not have the file containing the information you want removed, nor can it delete the file.

Before you can remove information from Google search results, you must first remove it from the original source. Only once the original source of the information is removed will Google and other search engines naturally filter it out of search results. 

In certain cases, you can petition Google to remove outdated content from Google search results. If a page has already been removed from the web, or the content on the page has changed, and it’s being misrepresented via Google search results, then you can try using Google’s URL Removal Tool. Please note that you will need a Google account in order to complete this process.

To use Google’s URL removal tool, use the link above and click the “New request” button, paste the link to the page that needs updating, attach any applicable screenshots to the request form, and click “submit”. Google will approve or deny it within about 48 hours.

We also provide a free online guide for removing or pushing down in search results, as well as a free DIY guide for every data broker website online.

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