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How long before my information is removed?

Each data broker website has a different timeline for their opt-out and removal processes. Some websites will remove your information immediately after submitting an opt-out request, while others can take weeks to process an opt-out request and remove your personal information from their website.

When you sign up for DeleteMe, you’ll receive your first DeleteMe Privacy Report in about seven business days, indicating where we’ve found your information and what’s being done to remove that information. This is not an indication that we’ve removed your information from these sites, rather a status update about what’s currently being done to remove your information, whether or not it’s already been removed.

Opt-Out Rankings

In our Free DIY Opt-Out Guide, we’ve broken down the opt-out processes for each data broker website, where we rank both opt-out “speed” and opt-out “difficulty”, 1-5, for each opt-out process:

  • 1 = Immediate removal or easiest to opt-out
  • 5 = 7+ days for removal or hardest to opt-out
Example opt-out scores

Speed: 5, SlowestDifficulty: 2, Easy

New information is always being generated about you online and in public records, which can ultimately regenerate your personal information on data broker websites, even after we’ve sent them your opt-outs. As a rule: be careful who you supply your contact information to — you’d be surprised how often your information is collected.

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