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How to Remove Yourself from FLVoters

DeleteMe’s FLVoters Review

FLVoters is a data broker website that posts information from Florida Voting Records. Removing yourself from FLVoters requires you to write them a letter requesting access. As a result, it may take 7 or more days for your information to be removed. 

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How to Remove Yourself from FLVoters

According to their removal request information site, there are three ways to remove records:

Option One: Go to the individual detail page (the desktop version, not the mobile-friendly version) showing your name. Scroll down and submit a removal request online.
Option Two: Download the .rtf or .txt file, get it notarized so they can confirm your identity:

Tom Alciere

PO Box 106

Nashua, NH

03061 USA

Option Three: You may instead mail in a photocopy of the voter information card the elections people provided to you when you registered.

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