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How to Remove Yourself from LookUpAnyone

DeleteMe’s LookUpAnyone Review

LookUpAnyone redirects to US Search, which then redirects to Intelius during the opt-out process. Removing yourself from Intelius will remove you from LookUpAnyone and US Search. Intelius is a data broker site that posts your personal information online. Removing yourself from Intelius requires you to fill out an opt-out form and verify your email address. Your listing should be removed within 72 hours.  

Speed: 4, SlowDifficulty: 1, Easiest

How to Remove Yourself from LookUpAnyone via Intelius

1. Go to their opt-out website, http://intelius.com/optout, and search for your listing.

2. Find your listing and click “select and continue”.

3. You will have to enter your email address to verify your opt-out request. Enter your email address (we recommend using a masked email), perform the CAPTCHA, and click “continue”.

4. You will be shown a page saying that your opt-out request was submitted and you’ll receive a reference number via email.

5. After 72 hours,  you will get an email stating that your opt-out request has been completed and your listing has been removed.

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