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Why should I trust the DeleteMe team?

Simply put, your privacy is our business. Getting it right is how our company succeeds. Without a reputation for trustworthiness, we couldn’t stay in business for long. We’ve been in business since 2011, and we’ve processed over 10 Million consumer opt-outs. Just read the numerous positive mentions we’ve received in the press to see that we’re serious, or check out our reviews from real customers.

Our team has been working (founding, investing, or operating) with tech. startups for over a decade now, and we have experience in and passion for internet security. We believe everyone has a right to privacy in their life – whether in their home or online. We believe people care deeply about their privacy – even though many top companies and executives do not. We believe many web businesses today do not act appropriately when it comes to their users’ personal information, and even well-intentioned companies are hampered by inherent conflicts of interest. We believe the time is right for a new company to put users back in control of their online privacy.

We collect only as much information from you as is absolutely necessary to provide the DeleteMe service. As our privacy policy states, we won’t track, store, or sell your personal information to anyone, under any circumstance.


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