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What happens after I sign up for DeleteMe?

Once you’ve completed your sign-up for DeleteMe, we’ll send you a welcome email within 20 minutes so you can get started right away. You’ll log in and find your DeleteMe personal profile page. You’ll fill out your personal data sheet with the identifying information you’d like removed from the web (e.g., current and past addresses, date of birth, aliases, etc.)

Please note, you can add as many addresses, names, and phone numbers relating to you into your account for DeleteMe to search for and remove. Alternate email addresses are always associated with your name, phone, or address, so any associated email we find will be included in the removal automatically (there is no need to specify alternate emails in your data sheet).

Additionally, we ask for a copy of your state-issued ID as some databases require we submit one along with the removal request. You can upload it at this point, or email it to us at support [at] joindeleteme [dot] com. We recommend that you block out your photo, ID number, and signature before sending it to us.

Example of redacted ID

Our DeleteMe Operators take it from there, submitting opt-outs to data broker sites on your behalf within 7 days. The day you receive your Privacy Report is the day we’ve sent the opt-outs, so give it some time to see your information removed from all of the sites. (Click here to see an example of a Privacy Report.)

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