Why choose DeleteMe?

DeleteMe found initial success in 2010 in the consumer market. Our business platform was subsequently designed to address a market demand from larger organizations seeking to offer privacy protection programs for their executives and employees. 

Here’s how we stand out from the competition:

  • Continuous product releases: We invest heavily in development to provide our customers with the most robust service available. The list of “sites we remove from” changes as the data broker industry expands, contracts, and morphs. We add features regularly to ensure our service is both dead simple to use and effective in removing PII.
  • Custom requests and customer support: Privacy exposures and incidents affect individuals differently. Our Privacy Advisors are committed to helping our customers take back control of their privacy. They ensure that all our customers have the support they need; when they need it.
  • Automated removal opt-out monitoring: Our service includes automated removal opt-out monitoring to help ensure that a record does not get repopulated after it was removed.
  • Regular, transparent reporting:  We provide regular privacy reports that clearly show each individual signed up for our service how much data was found, where it was found, and where it was removed. For company administrators, the privacy center dashboard provides an aggregated view of the company’s privacy program.
  • Focus on data security: We are serious about keeping the data our customers provide to us secure. It doesn’t matter to us that the data we collect from our customers is already publicly available; we still have demonstrated guidelines and best practices for the security and privacy of all the personal data entrusted to us.
  • Single product focus: Our only focus is on effective PII removal. We do not offer other services bundled together as part of a suite of offerings. Our focus is on quality results, for our customers, nothing else.
  • No white labeling: We monitor for your personal information and complete the opt-out requests and removals ourselves. We do not send it out to a “white label partner” to take care of.  When you work with us you have one single point of contact to get any support request resolved.
  • Wide geographic coverage: Our services are offered in the US and a growing list of countries around the world. Are you interested in DeleteMe but you’re located outside the US? Check out our international plans.
  • US-headquartered: While we are expanding our offering beyond the US, our headquarters is in the United States. Some of our competitors have a US mailing address and US-based sales team but are headquartered outside the US.  Should a problem arise, where will you be arguing your case?  

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