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Keep Employee Information Private

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Over 33% of employers offered identity theft protection in 2016. Safeguard your business and reduce distractions and downtime. DeleteMe as a fully-funded benefit is in high demand, helping you attract better talent and separate your company from the competition.

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We customize plans for companies of all sizes. Call DeleteMe Business support for all of the details: 1-857-856-5682. Or e-mail Joseph at

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See What Our Customers Say:

I got a subscription because someone was telling me how easy it was to get information about me online"

Sam F -
Current Member, since August 2017

All I can say is I'm a fan of Delete me! I signed up several months ago and found my online records soon disappeared from the web just as I hoped.

William G -
Current Member, since September 2018

Amazing customer service and quick turnaround time. My info was there one day and gone the next - like magic, only better. Thank you so much!

Abbey S -
Current Member, since June 2012