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    Remove Your Info From Google With DeleteMe

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    • 6/27/2018

    It’s amazing when you think about how much of our personal information is online for all to see. There are things online that you might not like. Some of it may even embarrass you. We all have skeletons in our online closet. These may be small things or big things. That might not bother some people, but other’s don’t want their personal info out there at all.

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    How to Delete Yourself From the Internet

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    • 5/18/2018

    You may think your internet usage is completely private, but any time you access a website, sign up for an account, purchase a product, post a message, or browse search engine results, you’re sharing something about yourself. If you find this troubling, you may want to learn more about how you can delete your internet footprints.

  • If you're uncomfortable with the information that’s publicly available about you, you can try to delete yourself by using one of the online reputation services, such as DeleteMe. I did this, and for the most part it has been successful.

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    Your Personal Data is Widely Available to Hackers

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    • 4/17/2018

    Rob Shavell, CEO of Abine - A lot of personal data is shockingly available on the dark web and the clearnet, but we almost joke when we hear about the amount of data leaked from breaches like Yahoo....Help us understand the amount of data that is available.

  • Going about your daily business—shopping online, buying a home, getting married, using a search engine, liking a Facebook page, registering to vote—leaves an enormous paper trail, and data brokers are scooping it up.

  • Getting off of data broker sites is time-consuming, so load up on snacks, queue up your favorite playlist, and roll up your sleeves. If you have limited time, start with the high-priority sites on this list.

  • SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Data brokers gather information about you, then sell it to companies and individuals. Right now, your worst enemy could go online and with a few clicks of the keys, gain access to several specialized websites.

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    A Quick Guide to Erasing Yourself from the 'Net

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    • 3/22/2018

    Ever wanted to remove something from the internet? It could be an embarrassing photo, or a newspaper article that wrongly names you in relation to a crime, or an old social media account from middle school. It’s important to think before putting anything on the internet, because it could be on there forever.

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    How To Delete Yourself From The Internet

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    • 2/13/2018

    You can never completely remove your information from the internet, but you can minimize your online footprint. This article shows you how to accomplish this task in the following areas.

  • Your information is out there on the internet for all eyes to see. Not just your name and address, but your income, religious affiliation, any criminal or legal action against you - some of the websites even rate your reputation.

  • Removing that information from the Internet is possible, although hard, and there are some ways to ensure this is done successfully.

  • The Online Privacy Company, announced today that anyone who had their personal information hacked in the Equifax data breach is eligible for a free month of DeleteMe the #1 privacy protection service in the world when subscribing to DeleteMe.

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    How to delete yourself from the Internet

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    • 06/23/2017

    Sure you can block annoying auto-play video ads (here are tips) but the industry still wants to show you ads.

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    Don't Expose Yourself: A Guide to Online Privacy

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    • 05/31/2017

    Your laptop and that smartphone grafted to your hand are double agents. What you look at, where you go and even what you say can be used to paint a portrait of you leaving you as exposed as the day you were born. Much of Silicon Valley wants you to think the price of using the internet is letting them data-mine your life.

  • When the first phone book was published in 1878, it had only 50 entries, giving subscribers the names of fellow citizens privileged enough to have a telephone. Today, the ultimate privilege is being unlisted — but thanks to a complex ecosystem of online people search services, that’s nearly impossible.

  • The internet has your number—among many other deets. Prevent identity theft and doxxing by erasing yourself from aggregator sites like Spokeo and PeekYou. t doesn’t matter what you do online: The internet knows a ton about you, and that information is a mouse click away.

  • It's nearly impossible to fully delete yourself from the Internet, but a new app from online privacy startup Abine says it will significantly cut down on your online footprint.

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    6 ways to delete yourself from the internet

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    • 10/20/2016

    If you're reading this, it's highly likely your personal information is available to the public. And by "public" I mean everyone everywhere. And while you can never remove yourself completely from the internet, there are ways to minimize your online footprint. Here are five ways to do it.

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    How to Completely Disappear From the Internet

    • Source: Inc. Magazine
    • 07/13/2016

    As someone who can tell a personal story of online slander, I advocate that everyone should take control of their online reputation. Whether it is to bury unsavory information or to build a strong, personal brand, understanding the impact of how you appear in search results or are portrayed by others can have a huge impact on landing a client or job.

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    Remove yourself from people search sites

    • Source: Kim Kommando
    • 07/13/2015

    Want to hear something a little bit creepy? Anybody who's willing to pay online information brokers - aka people-search sites - can learn your phone number, address, criminal record and a lot more. Even more creepy? This information doesn't always come at a price. You could be giving it away.

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    How to delete yourself from the Internet

    • Source: USA Today
    • 01/25/2013

    Are there days when you wish you could just disappear from the Internet? Maybe you're haunted by things you've said on social networks, or you're just sick of having companies track and catalog your every move.

    Yeah, it'd be nice to pull the plug on the whole thing, but it would be easier to stop a runaway train, right? Actually, it's not terribly difficult to pull the Internet equivalent of escaping to a deserted island. All it takes is time and tenacity.