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Verified Customer Reviews

DeleteMe is a hands-free subscription service that will remove your personal information that’s being sold online.

What they’re saying:


  • “Removes your personal data from online broker sites”
  • “Monitors sites and repeats removal as needed”
  • “Offers instruction for free DIY removals”
  • “Users can make custom removal requests”


“Following our initial campaign, we found that our data was indeed much harder to find. All the data broker websites that had been contacted had indeed processed DeleteMe’s request, meaning that our digital footprint had been massively improved using the service, meaning it is fair to say that this service does everything it promises.”


DeleteMe has a rating of 4.7 stars from 820 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with DeleteMe most frequently mention personal information, customer service, and great job. DeleteMe ranks 1st among Privacy sites.”


“This service simplifies the entire process of controlling your digital footprint. It scans online spaces for your data and then enforces existing licensing and privacy laws applicable to the situation to have the data taken down.”

White Glove Support and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Call us, chat or email – we are your privacy partners and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

Standard Protection

1 Year, 1 Person


Billed annually ($129/year)

Most Popular Save 11%

1 Year, 2 People


Billed annually ($183/year)

Best Value

2 Years, 2 Person


Billed biennially ($279/2 years)

Choose the right plan for you

“If you don’t like seeing your personal information show up in Google and other search engines, DeleteMe can provide you with a useful solution.

DeleteMe is a service that can help delete your data from the internet by scouring the web for your personal information and requesting that sites remove it.

We think this is more than a novel idea, as privacy concerns are real and growing each day as the internet continues to expand. Still, is DeleteMe anything more than a convenience you’re paying for? You can typically request sites to remove your information yourself.

We think DeleteMe is a convenience, but one that could be well worth the cost. DeleteMe can cost less than $9 a month (depending on the plan), and you get experts who continuously work to remove your info from hundreds of data broker sites every few months.

Consider how much time it might take you to find all the data broker sites with your information and submit opt-out requests to all of them. Then consider that you might have to stay on top of any follow-ups since data brokers can take weeks to respond to requests.

You would also have to stay on top of finding new data broker sites or checking existing ones to see if your information shows up again.

Or you can use a service like DeleteMe to do all that for you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DeleteMe worth it?

    DeleteMe provides comprehensive services for people that require data removal from broker sites. We work with over 750 data broker sites to take the burden off of those who want to request data removal from the ever-growing list of data broker sites.

    The service gives you more control of your digital footprint. It scans online spaces for your data and then enforces existing licensing and privacy laws to have the data removed.

    DeleteMe is an excellent addition for anyone looking to exercise more control over the information exposed through various data brokers online.

  • How long does DeleteMe take to work?

    The first report typically arrives in around a week’s time and includes the first round of data removals. Some data brokers may take longer; you’ll receive a new report every three months.

    Does DeleteMe sell your information?

    We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell our members information. We are not a data broker.

    If you are a California resident, you can request information regarding the disclosure, if any, of your personal information by DeleteMe to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please send an email to, subject line: CCPA Request.

  • What data does DeleteMe protect?

    DeleteMe can help remove your personal information from data broker and people-search websites, such as:

    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Home address
    • Gender
    • Race and ethnicity information
    • Family member information
    • Marital status
    • Spouse’s name
    • Occupation
    • Property value
    • Social media accounts
  • How do you know if DeleteMe works?

    You may search your name using a search engine like Google before and after using the service to identify which data brokers you have been removed from. DeleteMe also provides a Google search bar in the Privacy Tools tab of your online account to help you see what the results are