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How to Remove Yourself from Civil Records

DeleteMe’s Civil Records Review

Civil Records is a data broker that posts personal information online. To remove yourself from Civil Records, you must fax or mail them an opt-out request. Your request will be processed 30 days or more.

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How to Remove Yourself from Civil Records

1. Fill out their opt-out form with your information as it appears in your listing. It will be helpful to also include the URL of your listing. If they do not already have your information, we recommend putting masked information from Blur.remove yourself from civil records opt out removal

2. You must also send them a proof of ID to accompany your request. When sending a copy of your information, make sure to block out your photo, signature, and ID number.

3. You may fax or mail your request:

a. Fax:
(617) 507-0410

b. Mail:
Opt Out Compliance Dept.
PO Box 130369
Boston, MA 02113

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