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How to Remove Yourself from MyLife

DeleteMe’s MyLife Review

MyLife collects and posts all kinds of personal information publicly online. Removing yourself from MyLife requires you to create an account.  After that, your listing should be removed within 7-10 business days.

Speed: 5, SlowestDifficulty: 5, Hardest

Remove yourself from Mylife.com using this video tutorial.

How to Remove Yourself from MyLife

1. Go to mylife.com and click “Join Now”.

2. You will have to enter a name (it can be false) and email address (we recommend a Masked Email from Blur).

3. Search for your listing in the search bar. Click on your profile listing.

4. Copy the URL of your listing.

5. Compose an email to privacy@mylife.com, asking them to remove your profile (include the URL from Step 4). Here is a sample email:

“MyLife Customer Service,
This is a request for all of my information to be removed from your site, and any affiliated sites.  Here is the link to my profile: [link].
Thank you,
[Your Name]”

6. Within a few minutes, you will get an email telling you that they have received your request and will fulfill it in 7-10 business days.

remove yourself from mylife opt out removal

If MyLife Still Refuses to Remove Your Info:

Email them at privacy@mylife.com using the following template:

remove yourself from mylife opt out removal

If you are having difficulty removing yourself from MyLife, we recommend filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and your local district attorney.

(Updated 2/5/2019)

As of 2/5/2019, MyLife is currently honoring opt-out requests, we have updated the steps according to our experiences with them. DeleteMe continues to have success with MyLife opt-out requests.

(Updated 1/15/2019)

For a few weeks around 1/15/2019, DeleteMe noticed that MyLife was refusing to honor opt-out requests for individuals, both over phone and email. DeleteMe continued to have success with MyLife opt-out requests.

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