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DeleteMe Removes Married Names and Maiden Names

May 8, 2019

Trying to remove personal information from Google may be especially difficult if you have used multiple names throughout your life. DeleteMe removes married names, maiden names, nicknames, aliases, and anything in between. You don’t have to worry about searching for all of your names and removing multiple listings–let DeleteMe do the hard work for you.

If You Have Multiple Names, Data Brokers Know About Them

You probably have gone by different names in your life–whether it’s a nickname, a maiden name, a surname from a previous marriage, an alias, or anything else. Data brokers are good at figuring out your multiple names through public records (like marriage certificates or vehicle registrations), or self-reported records like the ones found on your social media accounts.

Data brokers put all of these names in your listings–as well as current and past residences, old email addresses and phone numbers, and other information. Many times, they create multiple listings for you under your different names or addresses, which forces you to find and remove each listing for each separate name individually.

Divorced? Name change? DeleteMe Removes Your Married Names or Maiden Names

It’s commonly said that about 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce (although the number has been declining recently thanks to millennials). For many people, taking the last name of your spouse in marriage is a “traditional” way of doing things. Additionally, in today’s world, more and more people opt to combine their last name with their spouse using a hyphenated name.

Now, think about getting divorced after a name change – you have to go to great lengths to distance yourself from the connection to your ex-spouse’s name. Think about all of the companies and organizations that have your married name on file for you: your bank, your doctor, the DMV, voter’s registration, etc. What’s worse – data brokers like Whitepages, Spokeo and Intelius have figured out your married name, and they’ve created new information listings that link you to your ex-spouse.

Fear not, divorcees, DeleteMe has you covered. With DeleteMe, you can enter as many names or name variations as you need deleted. DeleteMe experts will find, and delete any name that you enter into your DeleteMe data sheet.

DeleteMe Will Remove All of Your Names

DeleteMe can remove all of these listings for you as long as you include them in your DeleteMe data sheet. You can add as many nicknames, aliases, maiden names, or common misspellings of your name that might show up on a data broker’s listing (I’m looking at you, Hayley/Hailee/Hailey/Haylee… you get it).

DeleteMe Will Remove All of Your Names

Once you’ve signed up for DeleteMe, you’ll be directed to your DeleteMe data sheet. You’ll fill out your personal DeleteMe data sheet with the information you’d like removed from the web (e.g., names and nicknames, current and past addresses, date of birth, etc.). If you don’t provide us with a specific name, we won’t know to include it in your reports, and therefore it won’t be removed. Of course, if any information changes, or you remember older information, you can always log into your DeleteMe account and update your data sheet.

DeleteMe Does the Work for You

Data brokers might make multiple listings for you under your different names, forcing you to submit multiple, tedious opt-out requests for every single listing that uses a different name. There are countless data brokers out there–having to search for and remove multiple listings about yourself from each data broker can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. DeleteMe removes married names or old names you’ve gone by in the past. Save yourself the hassle and let DeleteMe do the work for you.

how deleteme works to remove

DeleteMe will search the leading data broker sites for your listings using the information that you included in your data sheet. We’ll remove each of your listings from all data broker sites  and report back to you. On top of that, they’ll keep checking the sites to make sure that your information hasn’t resurfaced.

Take back control of your information from data brokers with DeleteMe.

About DeleteMe

DeleteMe is a hands-free subscription service that removes personal information from public online databases, data brokers, and people search websites. DeleteMe was created to help everyday people reclaim their privacy and their peace of mind. The ways in which third parties are collecting and sharing people’s information is constantly changing, and DeleteMe must continuously evolve to address these challenges for today and tomorrow.

Whether you need assistance in removal from Whitepages, or simply trying to remove personal information from Google, DeleteMe is here to help.

Will Simonds runs Senior Marketing Operations at DeleteMe, and is a steadfast privacy advocate who has a resolute dedication to online privacy solutions and helping people regain their privacy. …

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