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Will Simonds

Will Simonds runs Senior Marketing Operations at DeleteMe, and is a steadfast privacy advocate who has a resolute dedication to online privacy solutions and helping people regain their privacy. Since joining DeleteMe in 2015, Will has worked in a number of different roles. From launching the DeleteMe affiliate program, creating and maintaining hundreds of opt-out guides, fine-tuning DeleteMe’s customer communications and improving website conversion efficiency, Will lives and breathes DeleteMe. Will earned his BBA from Endicott College.

Expert Insights for Data Privacy Week 2024: Guarding Your Digital Footprint

January 25, 2024
Understanding Your Digital FootprintProtecting Your PIIEducate Your NetworkSocial Media is a Treasure Trove of PIITreat Your PII Like Your HomeStay Safe this Data Privacy Week Data Privacy Week…

How to Protect Your Privacy on Upwork 

August 31, 2022
How safe is Upwork to use in 2022? What are the risks that Upwork users face?  Scammers Risks for freelancers Risks for clients Payment failuresRisks for freelancers Risks for clients Data breache…

An Easy Guide to Opt Out of the Garnet Hill Catalog

August 30, 2022
How can I cancel the Garnet Hill catalog?What if I keep receiving catalogs from Garnet Hill?How can I make sure I stay off Garnet Hill’s mailing list? Garnet Hill is a fashion retailer that dis…

How to Stop Getting the Sundance Catalog

August 29, 2022
How do you cancel the Sundance catalog?  What do you do if you keep receiving catalogs from Sundance?How do you stay off Sundance’s mailing list? Fashion retailer Sundance promotes their latest…

Credit Card Fraud: What to Do If It Happens to You

August 28, 2022
How hackers get your credit card informationWhat credit card companies do to deal with fraudSteps to take if you’ve been the victim of credit card fraud  1. Call your card issuer immediately2. Mon…

A Guide to Protecting Your Identity Online

August 27, 2022
Why hiding your identity online is importantThe information of yours that can be found onlineSocial media platformsOnline shopping sitesData-broker sitesGoogle and other search engines5 steps to t…

A Guide to Protect Your Personal Information Online

August 26, 2022
How your information ends up online in the first placeThe risks of sharing personal information online1. Identity theft2. Online spam and scams3. Doxxing3. Cyberstalking4. Online blackmailExamples…

How to Unsubscribe from the Adam & Eve Catalog

August 25, 2022
What type of junk mail does Adam & Eve send?How do I cancel Adam & Eve marketing mail?What if I keep receiving catalogs from Adam & Eve?How can I make sure I stay off Adam & Eve’s …

How to Stop Getting Athleta Junk Mail

August 24, 2022
The type of junk mail Athleta sendsHow do you cancel the Athleta catalog What to do if you keep receiving catalogs from AthletaHow to make sure you stay off Athleta’s mailing list Athleta, a si…

How to Unsubscribe from the DSW Mailing List

August 23, 2022
The type of junk mail DSW sends How to unsubscribe from the DSW mailing list What to do if you keep receiving marketing material from DSW How to stay off DSW’s mailing list for good  Designer S…

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