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How to Remove Yourself from Criminal Watch Dog

February 20, 2019

DeleteMe’s Criminal Watch Dog Review

Criminal Watch Dog is a data broker that provides background checks. Unfortunately, there is no specified process to opt-out of Criminal Watch Dog.

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How to Remove Yourself from Criminal Watch Dog

It seems that Criminal Watch Dog cannot remove your information from their site, since they collect information from other databases and public records. Here is what their Privacy Policy says:

“CriminalWatchDog is dedicated to the privacy of its customers and their data. Due to the importance and sensitive nature of these transactions all requests will be logged for security purposes, stored privately and transmitted in an encrypted form. CriminalWatchDog pledges never to share or sell information about our customers to any 3rd party or organization, unless of course the credit card used is reported stolen or is used fraudulently, or to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding violations of’s terms of use. In which case pertinent information will be provided to the proper authorities including the IP address from which the transaction originated.

CriminalWatchDog, Inc. reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time and you agree that CriminalWatchDog, Inc. may request and obtain renewal of this agreement at its sole discretion before, during or after you perform any public record search or investigation located on 

By using any service offered by indicates your acceptance of these statements.”

You can try contacting them here:

You can also help keep your information safe by removing yourself from as many other data broker websites as possible, using our DIY Opt-Out Guide or our DeleteMe service.

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