How to Remove Yourself from DocuSearch

February 26, 2019

DeleteMe’s DocuSearch Data Review

DocuSearch is a data broker that provides background checks. Unfortunately, there is no specified process to opt-out of DocuSearch.

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How to Remove Yourself from DocuSearch

It seems that DocuSearch cannot remove your information from their site, since they collect information from other databases and public records. You can read about their data collection here.

“Some of the most common purveyors of information today, called information brokers, do just what their name denotes. They simply provide information. Information brokers are limited in the type and amount of information they have legal access to, usually public records. Conversely, licensed private investigators – ours, at least – know how to obtain information that isn’t simply sitting in public repositories or in online databases waiting to be scooped up by any information broker who comes along.”

You can try contacting them here:

You can also help keep your information safe by removing yourself from as many other data broker websites as possible, using our DIY Opt-Out Guide or our DeleteMe service.

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