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Looking for a Data Broker Removal Service? Top Review Sites to Help You Choose 

October 26, 2023

With multiple data broker removal service sites out there and each one claiming they’re the best, how can you decide which provider is the best for you? 

Besides going to each provider’s site and comparing their features and pricing (too time-consuming!) or asking around on forums (potentially biased opinions or no responses at all), your best source of genuine information is review sites. 

What Makes a Good Data Broker Removal Service Comparison Site?

Consider the following factors before trusting any information you read online, especially when looking at comparison sites for something as important as data broker removal. 


One of the most crucial elements to look for in a review site is objectivity. The reviews should be transparent and unbiased. It is critical to know that the site is not unduly influenced by monetary incentives from the services they’re reviewing. In other words, the reviewer shouldn’t be getting paid, directly or otherwise, from the service they are reviewing.

An ideal comparison site will provide honest assessments, highlighting strengths and potential concerns of the service, regardless of affiliations or partnerships.

Regularly updated

A reliable comparison site should frequently update its reviews to reflect the current state of the market and the provider’s offerings. This can include new features, pricing changes, or a new competitor that can offer better data removal.

Clear methodology

Every comparison site should have a defined methodology for evaluating services. This should be clearly explained and easily accessible to readers. Doing so lets you understand the criteria and factors when rating different services. 

Whether it’s the efficiency of the removal process, the cost, customer support quality, or any other metric, a clear methodology gives weight and credibility to the reviews.


A comparison site isn’t much use if it’s written by someone without a proper understanding of data broker operations, privacy laws, and online security. The person or team behind a data broker service review needs to know what to look for in a data broker removal service, what questions to ask the provider, and how to assess each service. 

Since data broker removal services are experts in this space, it’s also important to look at their own website. 

Look for articles or help pages explaining how the data broker removal service works. The company should clearly state who can use its service, what sites it removes from, and what its customer support is like. 

See if you can find information like this on all the data broker removal sites you’re considering and compare them. 

Our DeleteMe review on the Abine site provides an example of what to look for when considering a data broker removal service.

Top Data Broker Removal Service Review Sites

Below are the top review sites we think you should consult with before you choose a data broker removal service. 


PCMag homepage

As a massive tech industry titan, PCMag delivers in-depth reviews with expert insights about all things software and tech – and has been doing so for 40 years. PCMag’s data broker removal reviews are concise and detailed and offer information on price and reporting, among other things. Each review also comes with a rating (out of five), a quick summary (or “bottom line”), and pros and cons lists. This makes it easy for readers to choose the best provider quickly. Read PCMag DeleteMe review


Comparitech homepage

Specializing in tech service comparisons, Comparitech crafts detailed reviews about VPNs, antivirus software, online backup services, streaming, and data brokers. Founded in 2015, this website has some of the most thorough reviews on top data broker removal services. Read Comparitech DeleteMe review


Sitejabber homepage

Sitejabber is a community-driven review platform. It’s a helpful resource for finding new products and services and reading reviews about them. The user-generated feedback on data broker services provides an authentic pulse of customer satisfaction. There’s also a “Q&A” section where users can ask a company questions and receive answers directly from the company’s employees. Read Sitejabber DeleteMe reviews.


Cybernews homepage

Cybernews dives deep into all aspects of online security and privacy. Their reviews on data broker removal are informative, offering a balanced look at the pros and cons of each service. Read Cybernews DeleteMe review

IdentityTheft.or homepage is an online resource dedicated to preventing and managing identity theft. While not affiliated with any government or nonprofit organizations, the site complements, an official government resource. has reviews for data broker removal services, password managers, and other identity theft protection services. Read’s DeleteMe review


ProPrivacy homepage

With a focus on digital rights and privacy, ProPrivacy excels in detailed examinations of data broker platforms. Since 2013, ProPrivacy’s experts craft reviews that combine intricate technical analysis with real-world application. Their reviews offer readers a clear understanding of service effectiveness. Read ProPrivacy DeleteMe review

All About Cookies

All About Cookies homepage

Another great site where you can find tech reviews is All About Cookies. This is an online privacy, identity theft prevention, and antivirus protection blog. You’ll find plenty of information about keeping your data safe, secure, and away from data brokers. Read All About Cookies DeleteMe review.


Trustpilot homepage

A juggernaut in the world of online reviews, Trustpilot is one of the top places to go when you want to learn more about a particular company. Instead of personally crafted reviews from experts, Trustpilot relies on users sharing their opinions and rating companies from one to five. Read Trustpilot DeleteMe review


YouTube search "deleteme review" page

YouTube is a rich resource for in-depth reviews on various services and tools, including data broker removal services. YouTube’s interactive elements, such as comments and likes, allow viewers and creators to engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide real-time feedback, making YouTube a great tool for obtaining detailed and diverse perspectives. See DeleteMe’s YouTube review from the All Things Secured YouTube channel) and a comparison of DeleteMe vs Incogni by the YouTuber Craylor Made). 


Reddit homepage

One of the best places to find unbiased reviews online, Reddit is an online forum divided into thousands of “subreddits,” each dedicated to specific interests, topics, or communities. It is a platform where users can discuss various subjects, including reviews of services such as data broker removals and upvote or downvote posts and comments, which influences the visibility of the content based on community approval. Read Reddit users’ experiences with DeleteMe

The Secure Dad

The Secure Dad homepage

The Secure Dad covers online safety and security for families. Beyond digital concerns, the site provides insights, tips, and resources to help families stay safe. That includes books and free tools. The Secure Dad also has detailed reviews for data broker removal services. Read The Secure Dad DeleteMe review

VPN Overview

VPN Overview homepage

As its name suggests, VPN Overview is primarily dedicated to virtual private networks. But the site also covers other privacy and security topics (like anonymous browsing, dark web, antivirus, etc.) to help users keep their personal data and information safe. Read VPN Overview DeleteMe review.

All Things Secured

All Things Secured homepage

All Things Secured is an online security blog and review website that also has a popular YouTube channel. Key topics covered by All Things Secured are security basics, VPN security, password security, email security, and online data protection. The site also covers data broker removal services. Read All Things Secured DeleteMe review

Windows Report

Windows Report homepage

Geared towards Windows users, Windows Report is an online publication founded in 2012 that provides tech news, tips, and reviews to more than 10 million monthly readers. On this site, you’ll find troubleshooting tutorials, PC guides, best-of-product reviews, and data broker removal services reviews. Read Windows Report DeleteMe review.


Not all review sites are equal, but those that are good should help you decide which data broker removal service you should go with. For best results, consider reading a few reviews by privacy experts and then see what users have to say, too. 

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