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Genealogy Sites

August 30, 2019
DeleteMe’s Family Tree Search Review Family Tree Search is a genealogy service run by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Unfortunately, there is no specified process to remove yourself from Family Tree Search.
Speed: 5 Difficulty: 5
How to Remove Your…
July 19, 2019
DeleteMe’s Ancestry Review is a genealogy website that posts personal information online. To remove yourself from Ancestry, you must perform their online opt-out process and confirm your request over email. Your account will be de…
July 9, 2019
DeleteMe’s Rootsweb Review is a genealogy site, owned by Ancestry, that provides a people search service. To remove yourself from Rootsweb, you must email Ancestry customer support directly. After this, your information will be re…
March 15, 2019
DeleteMe’s Geni Review is a data broker that provides genealogy services, owned by MyHeritage. To remove yourself from Geni, you must contact them directly over email. After this, it is unclear how long it will take for your informati…
March 13, 2019 is a data broker and genealogy website providing search by surname and location. To remove yourself from, you must email them a request. After this, it is case-dependent on how long it will take to have your informatio…
January 4, 2019
DeleteMe’s Ancient Faces Review Ancient Faces is a data broker that posts public records and personal information online. To remove yourself from Ancient Faces, fill out their opt out form. After this, your information will be removed within 4…
January 2, 2019
Deleting Your Ancestry Account: Step-by-Step These screenshots were taken directly from the ‘Deleting Your Ancestry Account’ page on 1. Go to, and sign in to your ancestry account with y…
November 14, 2018
DeleteMe’s FamilyTreeNow Review FamilyTreeNow is a data broker that collects personal information and posts it online. Removing yourself from FamilyTreeNow requires you to click ‘opt out’ on your listing. Your information will be removed withi…
October 26, 2018
DeleteMe’s Review poses as a family history and genealogy site, but really just is another data broker posting personal information online. To remove yourself from, you must fill out an opt out form. Afte…

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