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What is Blur?

August 29, 2018

Blur is the only password manager and digital wallet that also blocks trackers, and helps users remain private online by providing ‘Masked’ information whenever companies are asking for personal information.

Masked Email

With Blur, you can generate a ‘Masked’ email address for sites that you may not trust with your personal email. This email still works- anything sent to that address will be forwarded to your personal email. But, the sender will not know your personal address, and will not be able to connect any accounts using the masked email to your personal one.

Password Manager

Blur will generate a strong password any time you create a new online account. Blur’s strong passwords can be customized and are always a random string of characters. This improves your safety by making your passwords unique Blur also securely stores your passwords using AES256 encryption, helping you keep track of your online accounts and unique passwords.

Masked Cards

With Masked Cards, you can create a new virtual and temporary  credit card number for every online purchase. Use the new Masked Card information instead of your real credit card when making your purchase online. The site will not have your real card information, so if there is a hack or breach, your information will not be compromised.

Block Hidden Trackers

Most websites allow third parties to monitor your activity. Blur automatically blocks tracking scripts, targeting images, and other tracking technologies. For example, when you see a “login with Facebook” button, the website is allowing Facebook to track your information when you use that website.

Securely Access Your Online Accounts Across all of Your Devices

You need to access your accounts everywhere, so all of your passwords, masked information, and auto-fill data are automatically synced and backed up on all of your devices, including your phone and your tablet.

Auto-Fill Forms in a Snap

Fill out any online form with a single tap or click. Auto-fill your emails, passwords, credit cards, addresses, and more.

Julianne joined Abine in 2018 after studying international justice at Leiden University. She is a dedicated privacy advocate and an opt-out expert. When she’s not fighting data brokers, she enjoys unplugging with a cup of coffee and her cat.

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