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DeleteMe was created in 2010 when we realized the difficulty of navigating privacy issues in today’s interconnected and digital world. Our mission is to provide everyone with the power to control their digital identity.

INN Collaborates with DeleteMe to Protect Journalists from Doxxing as Election Season Heats Up

December 5, 2023
In today’s divided political climate, personal online attacks, including doxxing of journalists, are becoming more prevalent, and their potential consequences more personally and professionally di…

The CA Delete Act (SB 362) Passed the California Legislature Sept 15, 2023 – Why It Matters 

September 15, 2023
The Delete Act is a legal framework that gives consumers powerful new rights restricting the collection and use of personal information by a diverse range of data brokers. This framework for re…

Director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Announces Potential Rule Changes at White House Roundtable

September 13, 2023
White House holds roundtable session on “Protecting Americans from Harmful Data Broker Practices”; CFPB Director Rohit Chopra announces potential rule changes for consumer data reporting  …

Significant data broker regulations like California’s ‘Delete Act’, and federal ‘Fourth Amendment Not For Sale Acts’ show real momentum — July 2023 Newsletter

July 27, 2023
Regulatory Update: Significant data broker regulations like California’s ‘Delete Act’, and federal ‘Fourth Amendment Not For Sale Acts’ show real momentumOur take:Cybersecurity Update: MOVEit may …

Regulatory Update: FL and TX Pass Comprehensive Consumer Data Privacy Bills, WA Signs ‘My Health My Data Act’ — May 2023 Newsletter

May 31, 2023
Florida, Texas and Washington All Pass Consumer Privacy BillsOur take: Cybersecurity Update: Municipal Agencies, Healthcare Networks Under FireOur Take: Workforce Surveillance Receiving Greater Fe…

Who are these tracking companies? Meet AddThis.

May 18, 2023
How it works:So what?How might AddThis benefit me? AddThis is a social bookmarking service that allows website owners to add social media sharing widgets and buttons to their websites (those ro…

CIO On-Demand Webcast: The Business Risk of Employee Personal Info Online

April 18, 2023
Employee personal info online is increasingly leveraged in social engineering methods, credential-stuffing attacks, as well as spoofing of individuals and companies in attacks against vendors, cus…

Data Broker Hearings, CISA ‘Secure by Design’ Standards, and Telegram Bots: April 2023 Newsletter

April 18, 2023
Privacy Law Developments in Iowa, Indiana, Washington, Arkansas, Montana  Our TakeHouse Data Broker Hearing, CISA Publishes ‘Secure By Design’ Standards Our TakeThe Growth of Automated Social Engi…

Open Data, Hidden Risk: Publicly Available Employee Data & Cyber Risk [+ Breach Prevention Tips]

April 18, 2023
Publicly Available Data SourcesHow Threat Actors Use Publicly Available Employee Data + Real-World ExamplesSocial Engineering Phishing emailsSpear phishing emailsWhalingSmishingVishingInsider thre…

A Short History of Equifax Privacy Issues + Steps to Improve Your Privacy 

April 13, 2023
Equifax Privacy and Security Issues1970: First warnings of personal data collection and sale2016: Equifax ignores a security vulnerability  2017: Data breach and exposure of American salary inform…

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