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Laura Martisiute

Laura Martisiute is DeleteMe’s content marketing specialist. Her job is to help DeleteMe communicate vital privacy information to the people that need it. Since joining DeleteMe in 2020, Laura has done exactly that. Creating some of the internet’s most popular privacy content on DeleteMe’s blog, writing the leading privacy newsletter Incognito, and helping DeleteMe plan and craft its messaging across different channels, Laura drives DeleteMe’s content. Laura has a degree from University College Cork. You can contact Laura with questions and ideas at
November 29, 2021
What Is the Metaverse?Recommended ReadsYou Asked, We AnsweredBack to You Welcome to the December 2021 issue of Incognito, a monthly newsletter from DeleteMe that keeps you posted on all things …
November 2, 2021
What Are Stalkerware Apps?Stalkerware, Be GoneRecommended ReadsYou Asked, We AnsweredBack to You Welcome to the November 2021 issue of Incognito, a monthly newsletter from DeleteMe that keeps y…
September 17, 2020
How Does Facebook Collect Information?Does Facebook sell your data?Third-party integrationsAdvertisersOther partnersFacebook-owned brandsNew ownerOther companiesWhat Was the Cambridge Analytica Sc…
September 11, 2020
How Doxxing HappensHigh-Risk ActivitiesHackingGamingPublic-facing professionsReportingActivismSteps to Take to Prevent DoxxingWhat You Can Do If You’ve Already Been DoxxedLife After Doxxing Unw…
August 25, 2020
What Is Cyberstalking?Are There Laws Against Cyberstalking?How Can You Stop a Cyberstalking Attack?1. Don’t engage2. Tell those around you3. Block the cyberstalker4. Opt-out of data broker sites5….
August 21, 2020
What Is Cyberstalking?Who Is at Risk of Cyberstalking?How Can You Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking?You Don’t Have to Be a Victim What is cyberstalking? In 2006, Conan O’Brien began receiving…
August 21, 2020
How Does Amazon Collect Information?Does Amazon Sell My Personal Information?Does Amazon Share Your Email Address?Can Anyone See What I Buy On Amazon?Can I Request My Data from Amazon?Protect Your…
August 11, 2020
1. Malware2. Social Engineering Attacks3. Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities4. Social Networking5. Data Brokers6. Password Attack7. Pharming8. Evil Twin Attacks9. Internet of Things10. Web Trackin…
August 11, 2020
Are Juror Names Public Record?Can Jurors Remain Anonymous?Are Jury Questionnaires Public Record?What Information Must Jurors Share?Is There Anything You Can Do to Protect Your Privacy? Being ch…
August 7, 2020
1. Use Strong Passwords2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication3. Don’t Click On Suspicious Links or Respond to Dubious Emails4. Stick to HTTPS5. Use a VPN When Connecting to Public WiFi6. Invest In Go…

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