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The latest DeleteMe product and customer success notes.

Nationally Known Nonprofit Defends Staff and High-profile Volunteers Against Personal Threats

September 15, 2022
Defending American rights, this nonprofit organization is no stranger to going against the grain.But as politics have become more polarized, charged issues often make its staff and volunteerstargets for threat actors.For the information security …

Harassment and Doxxing Threat Becomes Dangerous for Popular Game Development Company

August 31, 2022
With millions in annual revenue, this company has been developing high-profile multiplayer games enjoyed by millions of people worldwide for decades but with their success came the danger of harassment and doxxing for staff and executives. Whe…

Newsroom Takes Proactive Steps to Protect Journalists from Harassment

August 22, 2022
A leading independent newsroom focusing on investigative journalism partnered with DeleteMe to protect journalists from harassment. For this organization, groundbreaking investigative reports were taking a human toll. As theyuncovered stories …

Social Media Company Reduces Phishing Risk from Targeted Attacks with DeleteMe

May 5, 2022
A household-name social media company partnered with DeleteMe to reduce its phishing risk and improve its cybersecurity posture. For this social media platform, cybersecurity is critical for ensuring business continuity. However, despite stead…

How does DeleteMe privacy protection work?

  1. Employees, Executives, and Board Members complete a quick signup 
  2. DeleteMe scans for exposed personal information
  3. Opt-out and removal requests begin
  4. Initial privacy report shared and ongoing reporting initiated
  5. DeleteMe provides continuous privacy protection and service all year

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