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Data Privacy

July 15, 2020
Are you planning on filing your taxes online? Complaints about the tax-prep industry have existed for decades. For years they’ve lobbied successfully against development of direct electronic tax-return filing, or ‘return-free filing’-processes, either of which could potentially decimate their ind…
April 28, 2020
The Internet can help you find virtually anything. However, while we all benefit from Google’s near-instant lists of relevant results, there are some downsides too.  For instance, Google your name to find information that any fraudster could use for identity theft. With half-a-million fraud …
August 2, 2019
Unfortunately, there are a number of ways in which internet use can leave anyone vulnerable to hacks and information exposure. Do you have a social media account that you use or, perhaps more importantly, that you don’t? Do you know how to remove personal information from Google? What about remov…
July 19, 2019
Some might find all the talk about people wanting to remove personal information from Google and other websites just a little hysterical. Here are some thoughts on why online privacy is so critical right now.  Privacy and Behavior Some people might say to themselves, “Hey, privacy is not tha…
April 12, 2019
If you’re using a third-party service to help you file your taxes, you could be allowing them to sell your personal information. Use DeleteMe to ensure that your personal information won’t be exploited by data broker websites. When Filing Taxes, You Might be Giving Away Your Personal Information …
February 14, 2019
Concerned about your privacy while using Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Grindr, or other dating apps? You should be. Use this guide to stay safe while using dating apps. You Give Away Tons of Information to Dating Apps Today is Valentine’s Day, meaning a lot of people are doubling-down on their …
August 9, 2018
We originally published this post on our Online Privacy Blog, but we’ve updated it here as the story has progressed. (Originally published January 31, 2017.) Most of us know friends or relatives with serious mental conditions, or we ourselves are coping with them, whether they are mental health, …
July 26, 2018
We originally published this post on our Online Privacy Blog, but we’ve updated it here as the story has progressed. (Originally published: May 30, 2018) In May 2018, Vermont became the first U.S. state to regulate data brokers that buy and sell personal information of consumers. Until now, major…
July 23, 2018
As Don Draper says, “If you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation.” In a perfect world we’d be able to remove all of the unfair, outdated, and negative content about ourselves.  In reality, most content stays online forever, except for in special circumstances.  If you…

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