Your DeleteMe Privacy Report

September 7, 2018
After you’ve signed up and submitted your information for removal using your DeleteMe data sheet, DeleteMe experts will begin sending opt-out requests on your behalf. Within seven days of signup, you will receive your first DeleteMe Privacy Report, indicating where we’ve found your information and what’s being done to remove that information. This is not an indication that we’ve removed your information from these sites, rather a status update about what’s currently being done to remove your information, whether or not it’s already been removed. privacy report Click here to see a full sample Privacy Report. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes for your information to disappear from the site will depend on the data broker–some respond to opt-out requests and immediately remove your information, while others can take weeks to process an opt-out request. [ht_message mstyle=”alert” title=”” show_icon=”true” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]Read: How long before my information is removed?[/ht_message] We will continue to monitor your information, and add to the report as we find your information. You will get a new report every three months, so you’ll know that your information is continuing to be removed and has not resurfaced.

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