How to Delete MySpace Account

April 11, 2023

Everyone had a MySpace account a decade or so ago, and many users never deleted their old accounts when they left. 

But if your account was set to “public,” your information (pictures, connections, etc.) is still findable. 

With criminals using data from social media networks and other online sources to find targets for identity theft, it’s more important than ever to delete your old MySpace account.

Here’s how. 

Does MySpace Still Exist?

Believe it or not, MySpace still exists. 

However, you may not recognize it, as today it looks very different from how it looked in the early and mid-2000s. 

Rather than your “typical” social media platform with profile pages, MySpace rebranded as a music portal in 2013. Unsurprisingly, it now focuses more on music news rather than connecting people with their friends (although the site doesn’t seem to have been updated recently). 

Nevertheless, you can still look up people via the search bar or “People” feature. If your profile is still on MySpace and is public, anyone can find you. 

How to Find Your MySpace Profile

Here’s how you can find your MySpace profile:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Type your name into the search bar. 

Step 3. Scroll to the right until you see the “People” column. Unless your name is unique, you will likely see a list of people. Click “See More.”

Step 4. This is the hard part. Because the images don’t seem to be working on MySpace anymore, you’ll have to click on each individual profile to determine if it’s yours. 

Step 5. From your profile, you can see your old photos, connections, songs, etc. 

How to Delete MySpace Account

Now that you know that your profile is still out there, here’s how to delete your MySpace account. Note that you need your original credentials to be able to do so. 

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click “Sign In.”

Step 3. Enter your login details.

Step 4. Click on the Settings button on the bottom left of the page and “Account.”

Step 5. Click “Delete Account.” 

Step 6. Select the reason you want to delete your account. Click “Delete my account.”

And you’re done! 

Can’t Remember Your MySpace Profile Password?

If you can’t remember your password to log into your MySpace account, go to “Forgot Password.” 

If you don’t get an email with password reset instructions, you can Submit a Request for help with password reset. Alternatively, Submit a Request to delete your profile. 

Wait—It’s Not Just MySpace 

Now that you’ve deleted your profile from MySpace take stock of all the other places online your information might appear in. 

Make sure to tighten your privacy settings on other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and take the time to opt out of data broker sources. Data brokers are companies that collect your information from various different sources, combine this data into a single profile, and then sell it to marketers, employers, and even criminals. Read our comprehensive blog post on what data brokers are and what they do with your data.

Then, use our opt-out guides to remove your name from data brokers. Or, let us do it for you

Don’t have the time?

DeleteMe is our premium privacy service that removes you from more than 30 data brokers like Whitepages, Spokeo, BeenVerified, plus many more.

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