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How to Complete a LexisNexis Opt-Out

April 17, 2019

LexisNexis is a data broker platform that collects and sells personal data to businesses and other other organizations. Much of this data is information that you probably don’t want being passed around, including your phone number, home address, family members details and even your salary.  

While it’s legal to collect and sell this data, problems can occur when it falls into the wrong hands, as once a data broker sells information to a buyer, they no longer have any control over it. 

This is often how organizations behind spam, scam, and robocalls as well as spam and scam texts get hold of personal data. Therefore, if you want to protect your identity, you should always be monitoring data brokers sites such as LexisNexis and removing personal data whenever you find it.

DeleteMe’s LexisNexis Opt Out Process Review

To request a LexisNexis opt-out, you must submit an online form. After this, it may take up to 30 days for your information to be removed.

Speed: 5 Difficulty: 2

How to Remove Yourself from LexisNexis

To opt out of LexisNexis, you must provide documentation to prove that you are under risk of physical harm or your status as a victim of identity theft.

  • If you are a victim of identity theft, submit a copy of a police report documenting the identity theft or documentation that verifies the identity theft claim such as a letter from your credit card company, and an Identity Theft Affidavit;
  • If you are a law enforcement officer or public official, submit a letter from your supervisor stating that your position exposes you to a threat of death or serious bodily harm;
  • If you are at risk of physical harm but do not work in law enforcement, submit a copy of a court protective order, a copy of a police report or similar documentation such as a letter from a shelter administrator or a healthcare professional.
  1. Submit your request using this link:
  2. You must provide your first and last name and address. We do not recommend giving other information, such as your social security number.
remove yourself from lexis nexis opt out removal
  1. Click the red “Add” button at the bottom, and then click “Finish”. It may take up to 30 days for your information to be removed.
  2. You must mail any supporting documents to:

LexisNexis Legal & Professional Privacy team

1801 Varsity Drive

Raleigh, NC 27606


What Happens After You Opt-Out Of LexisNexis?

After you’ve completed an opt-out of LexisNexis, your personal information that you’ve requested to be removed will be suppressed. This means that searches for your records on the LexisNexis databases will not be found by any other user of the platform.

If you’ve suffered from identity theft, or even cyberstalking, removing your records from LexisNexis will help lower the possibility of criminals and predators accessing your personal information.

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