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DeleteMe VS. BrandYourself [2022 Comparison – Fully Updated]

August 13, 2022

Privacy services come in many different shapes and sizes. DeleteMe wants to help you find the ideal platform so you can best take control of your privacy.

That includes providing detailed comparisons of different service options. For instance, today we’re going to look at BrandYourself, and how it stacks up in the marketplace.

In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll look at background, service plans, and customer service record of both BrandYourself and DeleteMe to answer: 

  • Who is BrandYourself and what is their track record? 
  • What does the service entail and how does the process work?
  • Does the cost of service ensure value for your money?
  • How comprehensive is customer support?
  • Between BrandYourself and DeleteMe, who should you choose?

Now, while DeleteMe promotes itself as a data-removal service, BrandYourself is marketed as “internet reputation management.” However, both companies do some similar things.

Like DeleteMe, BrandYourself removes personal information from various data-broker sites. BrandYourself also deletes unwanted online presences from various sites and can also remove negative search results, or outrank or replace them with positive ones.

Company backgrounds 

BrandYourself was founded in 2010 by Patrick Ambron and Pete Kistler, and remains a popular reputation management platform with nearly one million users. The goal is to ensure clients’ online reputations become a positive factor in future employment opportunities. 

To help individuals and businesses build brands online, and manage negative reviews across different sites, the company offers DIY software access to monitor and improve online reputation, as well as managed services to remove negative search results.

Ultimately, DeleteMe focuses on fundamentally different issues. While BrandYourself creates a positive online presence for individuals and businesses, DeleteMe simply makes you disappear online to ensure your personal data isn’t shared without your permission. 

Breakdown of services

BrandYourself offers a few different service tiers that provide varying levels of access, assistance, and expertise. 

  • A “Free” basic plan provides subscribers with limited use of proprietary online reputation management (ORM) software. 
  • A paid “DIY” plan provides customers unlimited access to the DIY software features. 
  • Experts build a positive online presence on the customer’s behalf and help develop a personalized plan to continue improving it with the “Headstart” plan. 
  • In the “Concierge” plan, every aspect of a client’s online presence is monitored and managed, from deleting social media posts to managing employee online profiles. 

Potential clients keep in mind, for both DIY plans you’ll spend a lot of time monitoring your online reputation on your own, and planning how to improve it without guidance. 

In regards to these plans, it’s not clear how many data brokers BrandYourself targets for data removal, or how often they scan to see if your information has been exposed. 

By contrast, DeleteMe privacy experts provide data-removal services on over 500 different data-broker sites. We also scan every three months to ensure that your data stays private. 

Service pricing and value

BrandYourself operates on a tiered pricing model that’s not readily available through the website—we had to seek out this information elsewhere

These plans range from reasonably priced options that require a lot of work on your part to fully managed options that wind up being pretty expensive. 

  • BrandYourself Free Plan
  • BrandYourself DIY Plan – $99 annually
  • BrandYourself Headstart Plan – 2 payments of $399, then $20 per month ($798 + $240 annually)
  • BrandYourself Concierge Plan – $399 per month ($4,800 annually)

By contrast, DeleteMe pricing is always simple and easy to understand, and you pay a flat rate for access to all of our services. 

  • DeleteMe 1-Person Plan – $129 annually/$209 every two years
  • DeleteMe 2-Person Plan – $229 annually/$349 every two years
  • Additional discounts available for plans including 5+ people
  • DeleteMe Business Plan – Custom (contact customer support)

As you can see, if you’re just planning to remove data from various data-broker sites, DeleteMe’s affordable plans require no work on your part. We also have free opt-out guides available if you’re not ready to make the investment and want to try it on your own.

Customer support structure

BrandYourself has a four-star customer rating on average, indicating most clients are satisfied with the results. The company also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), though it’s not BBB-accredited. 

It seems BrandYourself support is available by email at any time, according to the website. Live chat is also available, or you can call directly. No specific hours of operation are listed for the BrandYourself support office.

DeleteMe has a 4.7 (of 5) star average on SiteJabber, making it the #1 featured privacy site. Additionally, we are BBB accredited with an A+ rating and have successfully removed more than 35 million personal records from the Internet. 

You can contact DeleteMe by phone, email, or live chat anytime during listed office hours. 

Conclusion: Which service do you choose? 

The bottom line is, BrandYourself offers a variety of services available at higher price tiers, many you may not need. At the lower tiers, you can expect to do a lot of work on your own. 

Ultimately, the service you choose depends on your specific use case. 

If you’re looking to clean up your online reputation and expunge negative search results to fortify an impressive online presence, BrandYourself is more specifically what you need. 
On the other hand, if you simply want to remove your personal data from data-broker sites to protect your privacy once and for all, DeleteMe is definitely the better option.

Will Simonds runs Senior Marketing Operations at DeleteMe, and is a steadfast privacy advocate who has a resolute dedication to online privacy solutions and helping people regain their privacy. …

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