Data Privacy, Data Practices, and Other Interesting Privacy and Cybersecurity News for July 2022

July 28, 2022
In the July 2022 edition of our business privacy newsletter, you’ll find our take on: American Data Privacy and Protection ActScrutiny for Mobile Carriers and VPN ProvidersData Privacy as a Civil Rights IssuePrivacy, Security & Remote Work…

Webinar Recap: New Strategies for Mitigating Phishing Risk

May 20, 2022
Security professionals are working hard to defend their organizations from cyberattacks through a combination of training, policies, and technology. But, despite all that work, phishing attacks still account for 70-90% of all malicious data breac…

Employee Privacy, Google and Exposed Personal Data

April 29, 2022
Despite Google’s best efforts to create a “privacy-first web” (i.e., the end of third-party cookies, its new search removal policy, etc.), it is still infringing on employee privacy—but probably not in the way you think.  Although Google …

The Time is Now to Limit Russian Hacker Access to Publicly Available PII

March 10, 2022
Although the launch of ContiLeaks and the information revealed there didn’t slow the Russian Hacker gang down, it did provide everyone here at DeleteMe who is dedicated to protecting our customers’ privacy with some important validation about how…

Planning to IPO? 3 Things to Help You Stay Private While Going Public

March 1, 2022
Better brand recognition, a lot more working capital, and a chance to liquidate life-changing equity grants: staff at any business about to go public might be looking forward to these kinds of benefits. However, what most also invariably get on t…

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  3. Opt-out and removal requests begin
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  5. DeleteMe provides continuous privacy protection and service all year

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    Over 575 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5

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