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Trends in business privacy regulation, cyber and physical security, and related emerging technology.

April 13, 2023
Without question, executive phishing is one of the biggest threats to your organization.  Despite growing awareness around phishing, it remains a top infection vector, and executives are some of the most common victims. A recent report by Ivanti shows that executives (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) are four t…
April 11, 2023
Announced in 2020, the Global Privacy Control (“GPC”) is a standard that web browsers and websites can use to simplify the making and handling of user privacy requests – particularly requests like “Do Not Sell” (do not sell my data to third parties without my consent). Consumer requests to opt ou…
March 31, 2023
Learn how opting out of data brokers and people search sites can reduce executives’ cyber risk.
March 28, 2023
Read the March 2023 issue of our business privacy newsletter.
March 13, 2023
Corporate account takeover (CATO) is a type of fraud where cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to business accounts such as corporate bank accounts and email accounts.  It is becoming worryingly common. For example, one in five companies had their Microsoft 365 account compromised in 2021.&nb…
March 8, 2023
It’s official! We’ve released our annual Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Exposure Risk Report. The findings show how personal data privacy has changed over the last year. It also paints a less-than-rosy picture of how much information about our lives – email addresses, home addresses, p…
March 1, 2023
There’s no shortage of executive reputation management strategies. Some popular ones include thought leadership, monitoring online reviews, search engine optimization (SEO), and maintaining an active social media presence.  However, another important part of executive online reputation manag…
February 22, 2023
Privacy for Sale: ‘Pay-for-Data’ Arrangements for a Post-Cookie World Will consumers trade personal information for direct compensation? Forrester notes that new B2C startups, looking forward to a post-cookie world, are increasingly implementing measures for increased zero-party data …
February 21, 2023
CEO fraud prevention starts with understanding how CEO fraud works. CEO fraud is a type of scam that uses social engineering attack techniques to exploit trusted relationships. It is also sometimes called “whaling” or business email compromise (BEC), In a CEO fraud attack, a threat actor pretends…
February 13, 2023
Personal information protection is essential for executive privacy and executive security.

How does DeleteMe privacy protection work?

  1. Employees, Executives, and Board Members complete a quick signup 
  2. DeleteMe scans for exposed personal information
  3. Opt-out and removal requests begin
  4. Initial privacy report shared and ongoing reporting initiated
  5. DeleteMe provides continuous privacy protection and service all year

    Your employees’ personal data is on the web for the taking.

    DeleteMe is built for organizations that want to decrease their risk from vulnerabilities ranging from executive threats to cybersecurity risks.