DeleteMe in the News in 2023

January 23, 2023

Our running log of DeleteMe in the news in 2023. Interviews and quotes where we discuss privacy, cybersecurity, our solution, and everything in between. Most recently:

Tech Layoffs Shock Young Workers. The Older People? Not So Much.

New York Times | January 20, 2023

Stop Being Tracked Online: How DeleteMe, RemoveMyName, and Other Privacy Management Companies Protect Your Identity

LA Weekly | January 5, 2023

The Easiest—and Absolute Laziest—Ways to Protect Your Personal Security

Slate | January 3, 2023

How does DeleteMe privacy protection work?

  1. Employees, Executives, and Board Members complete a quick signup 
  2. DeleteMe scans for exposed personal information
  3. Opt-out and removal requests begin
  4. Initial privacy report shared and ongoing reporting initiated
  5. DeleteMe provides continuous privacy protection and service all year

    Your employees’ personal data is on the web for the taking.

    DeleteMe is built for organizations that want to decrease their risk from vulnerabilities ranging from executive threats to cybersecurity risks.

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