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How to Remove Yourself from Tenant Screening USA

July 26, 2019

DeleteMe’s Tenant Screening USA Review

Tenant Screening USA is a data broker owned by TransUnion, a credit reporting agency that supplies personal information in marketing lists to creditors and insurers, which use these lists to make firm offers of credit or insurance. You can remove yourself from Tenant Screening USA through TransUnion’s Opt-Out Prescreen site. To do this, you must fill out and mail their opt-out form. After this, it is not clear how long it will take them to remove your information.

Speed: 5 Difficulty: 5

How to Remove Yourself from Tenant Screening USA via TransUnion

Complete the Opt-Out / Opt-In request form:

1. Go to their online form at

2. Scroll to the bottom, select “Permanent Opt-Out by Mail”, and click “Continue”.3

remove yourself from opt out prescreen opt out removal

3. They will ask for your name and address. Your social security number and date of birth are not required, and we recommend not giving it.

remove yourself from opt out prescreen opt out removal

4. Fill out the security letters and click “Confirm”.

remove yourself from opt out prescreen opt out removal

5. Print out and mail the “Permanent Opt-Out Election form” to:

Innovis Consumer Assistance
PO Box 495
Pittsburgh, PA 45230-1689

It may take a while for your letter to get there and for your information to be removed from their database.

Julianne joined Abine in 2018 after studying international justice at Leiden University. She is a dedicated privacy advocate and an opt-out expert. When she’s not fighting data brokers, she enjoys unplugging with a cup of coffee and her cat.

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