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How to Stop Getting Mail From Scientology

June 8, 2022

The Church of Scientology is notorious for sending unwanted mail to people that end up on its mailing list. And for many people, this just ends up in the trash. So not only is receiving this unwanted mail a nuisance, it’s also bad for the environment.  

However, there are some simple steps you can take to stop getting mail from Scientology. What’s more you can also take action to make sure you don’t end up back on its mailing list. 

What type of junk mail is sent by the Church of Scientology?

The junk mail sent by the Church of Scientology is extremely varied. Some of it is straightforward brochures promoting the church and its activities. However, other junk mail from the organization may not even contain the word “Scientology”. This is because they are known to send promotional literature under different brand names and styles.    

So if you’re receiving junk mail that is similar in tone and messaging to Scientology branded literature, it might be Scientology that is sending this.  

How to unsubscribe from the Scientology mailing list?  

The Church of Scientology provides the following instructions on how to to opt out of its mailing list and telemarketing:

  • Email
    • To opt out of Church of Scientology marketing, you need to send an email to and ask that they remove you from their mailing list.
  • Mail
    • Scientology also provides an address for a Data Protection adviser. However the address is all the way in Denmark, so emailing is likely the better option. The address is: Data Protection Officer at Scientology Continental Liaison Office for Europe (DPO), Fabriksparken 15, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark.

How long does it take for a Scientology mailing list opt out request to take effect?

The Church of Scientology doesn’t provide a timeframe for how long an opt out request can take. However, in our experience this can take between 4 to 6 weeks.

What to do if I keep receiving junk mail from Scientology after opting out?

There are some additional steps you can take If you are still receiving junk mail from Scientology 60 days after submitting an opt out request. 

  • Firstly, if the envelope has a return address you can write “Refused. Return to Sender” on the envelope and put it back in the mail. 
  • You can request a junk mail opt out via DMA Choice. This may help to reduce unwanted mail from Sceintolgy if it or any of its affiliates are members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

How can I make sure I stay off the Church of Scientology’s mailing list?

The first step to making you stay off the Church of Scientology’s mailing list is to ensure you don’t consent to marketing in any future dealings with Scientology or any of its affiliates. 

But this won’t guarantee you that your details will stay off of its mailing list.

The reason being is that many organizations such as Scientology purchase personal data via third party data brokers.

Therefore, to ensure Scientology can’t get hold of your personal data for marketing purposes, you need to remove this information from data brokers.

Doing this by hand can be extremely time consuming though, as there are over 500 data brokers in the US. 

A better option is to get DeleteMe to do it for you. We specialize in removing personal data from data brokers. And once your information is removed, you’ll start to see a reduction in spam calls and junk mail
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