Privacy Tips

Cyberstalking: How to Avoid Being Stalked Online

November 22, 2019
Stalking is one of the most distressing, frustrating, frightening, insidious, and potentially dangerous crimes there is. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the Age of Information is that the internet has made stalking far easier and often les…

What Is Doxing and How to Avoid It

November 15, 2019
It’s hard to describe to members of the pre-internet generation how different life was before the World Wide Web changed everything. The ease of use and ubiquity of search engines alone represents an indescribable paradigm shift from a time when …

Common Types of Cyberattacks and How to Avoid Them

November 8, 2019
There are a few common types of cyberattacks. Cybercrime is proving an increasingly costly drain on the global economy. Research indicates that cyberattacks could cost companies globally about $5.2 trillion over the next five years—that’s more th…

How To Keep Your Personal Information Private When Using Social Media

November 1, 2019
There are likely millions of people who practice safe, common sense, shrewd personal security: We never use “password” for our password, we only use secure websites for purchases, and we don’t click on strange links. Perhaps we even take advantag…

DeleteMe’s Best Practices for Minimizing Robocalls

October 24, 2019
“What’s the best way to stop robocalls?” “What’s the best way for minimizing robocalls?” At DeleteMe, we get these questions all the time. Well, truthfully, one of the best ways to reduce the number of spam calls and robocalls you receive …

How to Avoid Phishing Scams

October 14, 2019
With great convenience, and virtually fathomless access to information, entertainment, and ecommerce, comes great risks. That’s the trade-off that all of us make when we use the internet. It’s a significantly greater risk when we use the internet…

DeleteMe’s Best Practices for Mobile Device Security

October 7, 2019
Until fairly recently, there was a disconnect between the way many users treated security of personal computers versus their portable devices.  PC’s receive antivirus applications, firewalls, layers of advanced network permissions, and many users…

Why You Should Care About Your Online Reputation and How to Protect It

September 30, 2019
The internet is a massive marketplace of products, services, and ideas. Unfortunately, the sheer mass of all three on the internet means that inevitably, some of them are going to be regrettable. The problem for consumers is distinguishing betwee…

DeleteMe’s Best Practices for Securing Social Media

September 20, 2019
For privacy-minded people, securing social media accounts present a tricky trade-off between maintaining online relationships with friends and family, customers and colleagues, while controlling what personal information is available to the wider…

DeleteMe’s Best Practices for Minimizing Junk Mail

August 23, 2019
With a majority of Americans now doing their utility billing and banking online, the US Postal Service is now primarily in the business of distributing direct-marketing, or ‘Junk Mail’. For people wanting to minimize their volume of unsolicit…

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Over 575 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5

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