Privacy Tips

Guide to Juror Privacy

August 11, 2020
Being chosen to be a juror is no joke which is why we created this Guide to Juror Privacy. For the duration of a trial, jurors’ normal lives are disrupted. Instead of going to work and spending time with their family and friends, jurors must spend…

Top 12 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Online

August 7, 2020
There’s no way around it: the internet is an increasingly dangerous place. According to one study, the average internet-connected computer is attacked by hackers every 39 seconds. Yet most of us use the internet, whether for work or pleasure or b…

What Is A Digital Footprint?

August 7, 2020
You’ve probably heard the saying, “what happens on the internet stays on the internet.” However, most people don’t realize that they don’t need to run a blog, post on social media, or participate in forums for their personal information to appear …

Best Companies and Tools to Remove Personal Information From the Internet

April 28, 2020
The internet knows far more about you than you might think. From your age and marital status to how many bathrooms your house has, a scary amount of your personal information is available to other people online. There is a simple reason why so…

How To Remove Myself From Google Search For Free

April 28, 2020
Let’s go straight to the bad news first. It’s virtually impossible to permanently remove your name from Google. The better news, however, is that you can control the results people get when they search your name online – and you can do it for …

How to Remove Your Phone Number From the Internet

April 23, 2020
Have you ever wondered how telemarketers get your number? Well, chances are, they probably find it online. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who have your number.  If your phone number is online, it’s highly likely that it has been…

How to Remove Your Address From the Internet: A Step-by-Step Guide

April 23, 2020
Family members, close friends, and the mailman might feature on a list of people you want to know your home address. Random internet strangers wouldn’t be on that list. There are very few good reasons why you might want to have your home address …

How to Remove Personal Information From the Internet

April 21, 2020
Uh oh, how did that end up there? You just Googled yourself, and you weren’t happy with the search results. Now you want to delete your personal information off the internet.  Setting your social media accounts to private (or, if you’re r…

How to Deal with Online Shaming and Harassment

December 13, 2019
Have you spent any time at all on social media sites, in chat rooms, comment threads, discussion sites, or anywhere else that people congregate online? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve been subjected to some degree of online harassment, shamin…

The Most Useful Web Services to Optimize Your Privacy Online

December 6, 2019
There’s something to be said for fighting fire with fire, especially when you don’t have any other choice. In this case, the fire being fought is the compromising of your personal information on the internet. Of course, there’s a (sort of) surefi…

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Over 575 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5

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