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Privacy Tips

October 3, 2023
As someone who wants to keep my personal information as private as possible, I realized recently that I should be asking: What does Google know about me?  Depending on your usage of Google apps, the results may surprise you.  Fortunately, you can turn off a good amount of Google’s data colle…
October 2, 2023
I really wanted to find out how to stop Google from selling my data until I learned that Google doesn’t sell your personal information per se. However, Google does share your data (and mine) with third parties. Follow this guide to learn how and why Google collects data, what it does with it, and…
October 2, 2023
After hearing stories about people’s private details winding up in strange places online, I wanted to find out how to remove my life from Google.  This guide will catch you up on what you need to know when it comes to Google’s data collection practices. It will also walk you through how your pers…
October 2, 2023
This guide explains how to remove your email from websites. Unwanted emails are becoming a major problem and can be annoying to deal with, too. But they’re not the only reason to remove your email address from the internet.  With just your email address, someone can:  Once you’ve shared…
October 2, 2023
When I realized how much info I had on my LinkedIn profile, I started wondering how to remove LinkedIn from Google Search to give myself some added online security.  This guide walks you through how to do the same, along with other helpful tips on LinkedIn’s privacy features that you may want to …
October 2, 2023
These 10 websites list your personal information online.
October 2, 2023
Knowing how to perform internet content removal is becoming increasingly important.  About two-thirds of employers Google job candidates. But companies considering hiring you are not the only kinds of organizations searching for your name online either. A poor online reputation can be damaging, m…
September 4, 2023
This guide explains how to delete your Google account in just a few simple steps.  Google services are widely used and well-known because of their convenience. So, closing your Google account might seem impossible, especially with how much data and information you’ve likely saved there throu…
September 4, 2023
Follow our guide to learn how to remove personal information from the internet. Doing so will help you protect your online presence and improve your data privacy. It will also help you reduce personal and cybersecurity risks like doxxing, phishing, and identity theft.  How to Remove Personal Info…
August 29, 2023
Learn what information you can remove from Google and how.

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