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How to Stop Getting the Sharper Image Catalog

August 11, 2022

If you receive catalogs from Sharper Image even if you’re not interested in purchasing anything from the retailer, it can be a pretty frustrating situation. 

Unfortunately, what it means is, your personal details are probably on the company mailing list. 

Below we’ll show you how to unsubscribe from the Sharper Image catalog and remove yourself from the mailing list entirely. We’ll also share some reasons why you get so much junk mail.

What can I do to cancel the Sharper Image catalog?

The Sharper Image markets an array of electronic products with catalog mailings, sent to past and prospective customers. You may also receive promotional fliers for special offers.

To cancel the Sharper Image catalog, whether you’re a customer or not, you just need to follow this link and complete the survey. Simply enter your name, your home address, and your email, then click “Submit” to begin the opt-out process.  

Though Sharper Image doesn’t provide a specific timeline for how long the opt-out process takes, in our experience it could be 4 to 6 weeks before it goes into effect.

What if I keep receiving catalogs from Sharper Image?

If you’ve completed the opt-out process, but still receive marketing and catalogs from Sharper Image after 6 weeks, you have a couple of options. 

  • File a formal complaint with Sharper Image. You can call customer service directly at 1-877-206-7862 during business hours. Alternatively, you can chat online with a representative.
  • Try sending the catalog and other junk mail back. If there’s a return address on the catalog label, just write “Refused: Return to Sender” and put it back in the mail. 
  • Sign up with DMAChoice as well as Catalog Choice, two independent organizations that can help you better manage the junk mail you receive.  

Don’t forget to also read our free guide on how to cancel catalogs, with step-by-step instructions on the different ways you can opt out of catalog mailing lists. 

How can I stay off Sharper Image’s mailing list?

To stay off Sharper Image’s mailing list for good, and potentially limit the amount of junk mail you receive in general, you need to get to the root of this problem.

Intermediaries known as data brokers gather masses of personal information online before selling it on to interested parties—mostly for marketing purposes. These types of transactions are what lead to the increase in your junk mail, robocalls, and spam texts

Removing your information from data-broker sites is the only way to manage this. The process can be completed totally on your own, but it takes a lot of effort, energy, and time. Alternatively, a data broker removal service can do all this for you. 

At DeleteMe, we opt out of data-broker sites on your behalf and continue to monitor their listings to make sure your information never gets added again, and we’re confident you’ll see a reduction in junk mail almost immediately.

Find out how we can help you for as little as $10.75 a month.

Will Simonds runs Senior Marketing Operations at DeleteMe, and is a steadfast privacy advocate who has a resolute dedication to online privacy solutions and helping people regain their privacy. …

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