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How to Stop Citibank Junk Mail

June 15, 2022

If you’re frustrated about receiving junk mail from Citibank, you’re not alone. Many of our customers have received junk mail and email promotions from Citibank in the past. 

Most of this solicitation usually ends up in the trash. So, a lot of people are curious how to stop receiving junk mail from Citibank in the first place. 

The good news is, opting out of Citibank junk mail is relatively easy. What’s more, there are easy steps you can take to stop your information from returning to mailing lists.

What kind of junk mail does Citibank send?

Citibank is a U.S.-based financial organization and credit card company. While their customers might receive important financial documents, Citibank also sends marketing material many would consider junk mail to both customers and non-customers. 

This junk mail can include promotions or loan offers, as well as unnecessary brochures. A few recipients of Citibank junk mail have even referred to it as “unrelenting.”

How can I opt out of Citi mailings?

If you are a Citibank customer and want to stop receiving financial statements through the mail, you can go paperless here

  • You can opt out of Citi marketing by accessing the communications center from your account page. However, you cannot opt out of administrative messages.
citi bank opt out webpage
  • You can also contact the Federal Trade Commission through OptOutPrescreen and submit a request to stop sharing your personal information with banking companies. 

How long does it take for the opt-out request to take effect?

Citibank doesn’t state how long it takes for an opt-out request to be processed. However, in our experience, these types of requests take from 4 to 6 weeks. 

This might mean you will still receive junk mail from Citibank in the meantime. 

What should I do if I still get marketing material after opting out?

If you’re still receiving Citi junk mail after 6 weeks, we suggest you take these further steps.  

  • If you receive junk mail, don’t open it. If the envelope has a return address, write “Rejected: Return to Sender” on the front and put it back in the mail. 
  • If you wish to file a formal complaint with Citibank, contact their customer service. The number is 1-888-248-4226. Area-specific addresses to contact can be found here.   
  • Complete an opt-out request at, a service provided by the 4 main credit bureaus. A source of a lot of pre-approved credit card spam, they sell your data to credit card issuers. By opting-out, they can no longer sell your personal information.   

How can I make sure I stay off Citi’s mailing list?

First of all, whenever you have a future correspondence with Citi, make sure you don’t consent to receive any of their marketing. 

Unfortunately, however, that won’t guarantee you no longer receive junk mail. Because organizations like Citibank work with data brokers to access your personal information. 

Removing your personal information from data-broker platforms is the only way to stop junk mail, emails, and spam calls once and for all. But with over 500 data-broker websites in the U.S., doing it manually takes a lot of time and effort.

Your best solution is to let DeleteMe do it for you. We’ve specialized in removing personal data from data brokers for over ten years. As soon as your information is removed from data-broker platforms, you’ll see a significant reduction in junk mail and spam calls
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