How to Remove Yourself from LiveRamp

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LiveRamp is a data broker that uses information for marketing purposes. You can remove yourself from LiveRamp’s data collection practices by using their online form. After this, you will be opted-out of their practices within 48 hours.

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How to Remove Yourself from LiveRamp

To opt-out of LiveRamp data collection, go to here are three opt-out methods:

Remove Yourself from LiveRamp opt out removal

1. Opt-Out of LiveRamp Cookies

When you opt out of LiveRamp cookies, they place an opt-out cookie on your web browser, so that their advertising domain indicates that you have chosen to opt out. This cookie tells web sites using LiveRamp solutions to not personalize the online ads you see. If you buy a new computer, upgrade or change your web browser, or delete this opt-out cookie by clearing your browser files, you will need to perform this process again.

Remove Yourself from LiveRamp opt out removal

2. Opt-Out of LiveRamp Mobile Services

When you opt your mobile device out of LiveRamp, LiveRamp will cease sending any personalized or interest-based data tied to your mobile device identifier. This affects the advertisements you would see in native apps on your device.

Remove Yourself from LiveRamp opt out removal

3. LiveRamp Permanent Opt-Out

The “Permanent opt-out” opts you out of LiveRamp cookies based on your email address, and prevents them from placing any anonymized (or pseudonymized) information into your browser cookies, going forward. They do this by placing an opt-out cookie on your browser that, in turn, disables our ability to place other data into cookies on your browser. If you have multiple email addresses, you should opt out using each of them. (It may take up to 48 hours to complete this permanent opt out process, across all of LiveRamp’s data sources.)

Remove Yourself from LiveRamp opt out removal

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