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How to Remove Yourself from US Search

DeleteMe’s US Search Review

US Search collects and posts all kinds of personal information publicly online.  Removing yourself from US Search is the same as removing your name from Intelius it requires you to mail or fax in your opt-out request.  After that, your listing should be removed within 48 hours.

Speed: 3, MediumDifficult: 5, Hardest

1. Go to their opt-out page and search for your listing.remove yourself from us search opt out removal

2. Print the page that your listing is on.remove yourself from us search opt out removal

3. Send them your listing, the cover sheet, and a copy of your state-issued ID. (Be sure to block out your picture, signature, and ID number.) Fax or mail your opt-out request to US Search:

Fax NumberMailing Address
(425) 974-6242US Search - PrivacyLock
PO Box 4145
Bellevue, WA 98009-4145

4. Use the following template for your cover letter in your opt-out request:

“As per your privacy policy, please remove my listing from DateCheck, Intelius, iSearch, LookupAnyone, PeopleLookUp, PhonesBook, PublicRecords, Spock, US Search, ZabaSearch, and all other affiliated people search sites.

Thank you for your help with this personal security issue.
-[Your Name]”

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