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Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Opt Out of Junk Mail from Bank of America

July 15, 2022

Bank of America is one of the biggest banks in the country. Whether you’re a customer or not, you’ve probably received marketing from them through the mail. 

Like some folks, you probably want to put a stop to Bank of America junk mail, and other financial spam, from clogging up your mailbox. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to remove yourself from the Bank of America mailing list and stop getting their junk mail. 

What kind of junk mail does Bank of America send?  

If you’re a customer of Bank of America, you probably receive communication from the institution regarding your existing accounts or payments. If you’d like to go paperless with those messaging services, you can do that by filling out this form

Bank of America junk mail is typically company-sponsored missives in the form of promotional brochures, pre-approved credit card offers, or marketing material for products or services you don’t currently have and probably don’t need.

How do you unsubscribe from Bank of America’s mailing list?  

There are several ways Bank of America allows you to unsubscribe from the marketing list. 

  • Fill out the online form available on the Your Privacy Choices page. Enter your personal information including name, phone number, email, and address to complete it. 
  • Speak to a Bank of America representative by calling 1-888-341-5000.

Do keep in mind, according to Bank of America policy, any opt-out request will only last up to 5 years, then you’ll have to repeat the process.

How long does it take to stop receiving junk mail from Bank of America?  

There are different timeframes for different opt-out requests at Bank of America, which they detail on their website.

While direct mail opt outs can take up to 3 months to fully process, Do Not Call requests are processed within 30 days. Do Not Email requests can be completed within 10 days.  

What do you do if you keep receiving Bank of America junk mail? 

First of all, make sure you’ve waited at least 12 weeks since your opt-out request for it to take effect. But, if you still receive junk mail after that time, follow these steps: 

  • Send the mail back. Bank of America mail tends to have a returning address, so write “Refused: Return to Sender” on the parcel and put it back in the mail.
  • Make a formal complaint to Bank of America by calling their customer service number, or correspond in writing with the branch office closest to you. 
  • As an added measure, sign up at OptOutPrescreen, the official Consumer Credit Reporting platform, to opt out of your information being shared with financial organizations. 

Can you make sure Bank of America stops sending junk mail?  

Remember, any Bank of America opt out has a 5-year limit, so you’ll need to repeat the opt-out process again later down the line. During that time, you should avoid providing any consent to marketing any time you have contact with them in the future. 

To take personal information security to another level, opt out of data-broker sites. These platforms collect, bundle, and sell your personally identifiable information (PII) to third-party marketers, leading to increased spam and robocalls, as well as higher risks of fraud. 

In order to remove your personal information profiles from data-broker platforms, you must opt out of each of the many hundreds of data brokers individually. 

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